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07 Mar

Book Week Fun!

There has been so much cross curricular learning happening this week in our very special book week. Can you think of which story belongs to which activity? ...

08 Feb

Scavenger hunters!

Sunflower Class have been using their inquiry skills to search for natural objects in school. They used cooperation and team work to find some extremely wondrous things in our school environment.   ...

01 Feb

Dinosaur Explorers

Did you know that we found Dinosaur footprints in Sunflower class this week? We went on an exploration to find out where and how a Dinosaur ( which should be extinct) could have broken into our class. We did lots of research from measuring the footprints ( Maths), Counting the footprint using our knowledge of counting in 2’s ( more maths), Drawing pictures of the Dinosaur ( Physical development) and researching in books ( literacy, history and geography). Our teachers...

01 Feb

Open Morning Fun

We were so excited to have so many Parents and Grandparents joining us for Open Morning on Thursday. We had so much fun completing challenges together. We had great fun with planting seeds, hand painting and decorating our wall, writing stories about our home countries or our homes, sewing, obstacle course fun and so much more. Thank you for sharing in our learning!  ...

09 Nov

Physical Development

We have been busy using our physical skills this week both fine and gross motor! We had so much fun with our outdoor  obstacle course, circus fun, cooking, writing, Threading and our favourite – Tug of War!   Its been an awesome week!   ...