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16 Nov

Busy in Year 5!

We have been learning about shape in Maths when we used Venn diagrams to sort shapes using their properties, and also when creating a Mayan temple in Design and Technology. In IPC, 5 Elgon thought about why the Vikings raided and setlled in other countries. We use a visual thinking routine called ‘Tug o’ War’ to thin about the positives and negatives of doing this. ...

26 Oct

Enquiring Elgon ( and a bit of Karuma!)

We are learning the history of the Mayans in IPC. We are researching different aspects of the past using a range of sources. Books and documentaries…….. Websites…..             In PSHE we have been creating a leaflet about Ambrosoli. We have tried to put the mission and vision into our own words for other children who visit the school.      In Maths, we have been problem solving using our knowledge of shape. This required cooperation and lots and lots of resilience!!!!       ...

28 Sep

Different ways of learning in Y5

As you can see from the pictures, we have been learning in many different ways. We linked measure and art to make a colour circle. This helped us to develop our skills when using a protractor and a pair of compasses, and also blending primary colours. We will use these circles later as part of a design and technology project. In Art, we have been helping to create pictures to represent the IPC personal...

15 Sep

Cooperation in Year 5

We have been learning to cooperate with each other in Year 5. As you can see, this has been when problem solving in Maths, making accurate models of the brain in IPC, or sharing our English work with a talking partner. It’s something we still need to practice, but we are definitely more mindful of how we speak and listen to others 😉 ...

31 Aug

The start of the year!

     During our first few weeks in Year 5, Karuma and Elgon have been learning magic tricks and origami to help us understand how we learn and can teach others. This was the entry point of the IPC unit ‘Brainwaves’. We have also been getting messy in Design and Technology making our own recycled table pots and paper mache brains. Who says learning isn’t fun!! ...