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26 Mar

Jackson Pollock guitars

Students learned about the work of Jackson Pollock and how he created his splash paintings. Then they used their splash paintings to design a guitar. ...

26 Mar

Pop art self-portrait with chocolate

Students learned how to make a self-portrait with their favourite chocolate as part of our IPC unit’Chocoloate’. They learned about pop art and how pop artists used colours to emphasise their ideas. ...

31 Jan

Art Year 4 – IPC unit Active Planet

Students learned how to make a volcano collage in art lessons connecting their knowledge from science and history. First they became familiar with the life and work of Jackson Pollock and created splash paintings in his style.  ...

22 Nov

AD 900 Year 5

In Year 5 Karuma students made African masks using cardboard and spray paint. We went around the school to take pictures in different spaces. ...