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04 Sep

Active Mathematics in 1R!

Year One Rwenzori has been enjoying using manipulatives to learn and demonstrate their understanding of a wide variety of Mathematical concepts such as Number Sense, Patterns, Ordinal Numbers, and Geometry! Here are some photos that show our active learning and cooperation skills at work… ...

21 May

Compass Skills

We are building our map-reading skills in Geography and learning to use tools such as a compass as part of our “Treasure Island” IPC topic. Here are some photos of our 1 Rwenzori students using compasses to find various items in the Northern, Eastern, Southern, and Western areas of our campus. ...

21 May

Lunchboxes for Healthy Pirates

Diving into History, as part of our IPC topic “Treasure Island,” we researched the foods that pirates ate. Then, we sorted them into two groups: Healthy and Unhealthy. To demonstrate our knowledge and understanding, we planned, designed, and built “Healthy Pirate Lunchboxes” for our Technology project!    ...

02 Apr

Volcanic Fun on French Day!

Year 1 & 2 Students enjoyed learning about the history, culture, and geography of the African Island country of Reunion on French Day! Check out the smiles and excitement on the faces of these students after a successful volcano simulation that demonstrated how the French island of Reunion was born! ...

26 Feb

Place Value Fun in Year One!

Year One students are developing their Number Sense and Place Value understanding of two and three-digit numbers. Check out the photos to see how they “build and draw” in order to solve our Math Riddles! ...