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15 Feb

Seeing The Light Entry Point

Last week year 1 started a new IPC unit – Seeing The Light. We kicked it off with an exciting entry point, which had us looking for tiny figures around school. Apart from discovering that some of them do and some of them do not reflect light, they also carried a coded message. When we put them in the right order, we discovered that they spell out the name of our unit – SEEING THE

01 Feb

Open Morning

This week we had an open morning at Ambrosoli and year 1 was extremely pleased with the turnout! We asked the parents to take part during our IPC lesson, which focused on researching and sequencing events from the past. It was wonderful to have so many helpers and we hope our parents learned about how we teach IPC. ...

28 Jan

Time to have fun!

For the past two weeks Year 1 has been busy learning to tell time, which ties in nicely with our IPC topic ‘Time Detectives’. We did different activities such as playing time bingo, drawing time on empty clock faces or replacing clock hands with our bodies in giant chalk clock. We surely did have fun! ...

17 Jan

Entry point Time Detectives

This week we entered a new exciting IPC topic – Time Detectives. For our entry point we received different clues and we had to collect evidence around the school. Our findings are displayed in 1 Jinja classroom.   ...

20 Apr

Cactus – the amazing plant

On 9th of April we started a unit in IPC called “Extreme Survivors”. The thing we will be talked about is cacti. Cacti are plants that can survive in the hot desert. I will explain what we learnt about how cacti survive in this weather. Cacti have extremely long roots. These are made so the cacti can get water from underneath the ground. Another technique they have is that they have spines. These spines used to be leaves but water could...

09 Mar

Ancient Egyptian Shadoof

This week we learned about Ancient Egypt and the importance of the Nile. Egyptians used the Nile for many different purposes such as transport and irrigation or for growing papyrus – a material they made shoes, houses and boats from. We also learned about their constructions called shadoofs which were used for scooping up water from the Nile and we built our own shadoofs in class. Have a look for yourself! ...