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04 Dec

Highlights of Term One

Term One in Reception has been lots of fun! We’ve all had a great time playing, learning, exploring, making new friends… These are just a few of our highlights from Term One: I liked reading books. The lion one was my favourite. Nandi I liked the blocks the best because it’s for playing. I made a house with a gas station. Nathan I liked playing with Baptiste. I played with him cars. Liam I liked PE because they always make my muscles be strong. They also do football...

02 Nov

Learning through play in Reception

Reception at Ambrosoli is a place of adventure, growth and learning. Through play we offer an opportunity for children to develop their natural curiosity, their eagerness to learn, and their love of communication with others. Secure attachments are developed through play as children feel safe and supported by their classmates and teachers and this impacts their learning, happiness and self-esteem. Play has been proven to have intellectual and cognitive benefits for the brain and it is believed that play can in fact...

26 Sep

P, P, Puppets!

This week in Reception we introduced the children to the sound ‘P.’ To link to this we decided to make puppets. The children worked hard to create their own puppets from a range of materials provided, and it was great to see how different they all were in the end! Once the puppets were created the children were put into groups and throughout the week they’ve been practicing for puppet shows they’re going to perform to the rest of the...

29 Aug

Buddy Reading Fun

At Ambrosoli we love buddy reading! Buddy Reading is where the older children come to the younger children’s classes to read and discuss books with them. In Reception we love it so much that this year we have arranged a regular weekly time where Year 3 will come and read to us – 3Mabira will read to Reception Flame Tree and 3Bunyonyi will read to Reception Baobab. Last week we had our first buddy reading sessions. The children enjoyed meeting...

15 Mar

Reception trip to Papercraft

On Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th of March, Reception went on a trip to Papercraft – Flame Tree first, then Baobab the next day. We got to go on the bus which was so much fun, the children kept us entertained all the way there and back with songs, chants and lots of interesting stories! When we reached Papercraft we first had snack, then our guide for the day, Harriet, told us about how paper can be made from different materials...