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14 Nov

Sports Day

Ambrosoli Service Club students, along with a few parents and teachers, enjoyed CoRSU’s annual Sports Day.  This is a very special day not only for CoRSU’s child patients, but also for other children with disabilities throughout Kampala and Entebbe.  It is a day where these children get to shine, as they participate in a variety of fun activities, such as wheel chair and crutch races, sit down volleyball, group parachute, hot potato, etc.. CoRSU has placed its focus on inclusion...

07 Nov

Active Planet

In Yr. 4, we started our ‘Active Planet’ IPC entry point with a bang, with the BIG ‘Earthquake’ that rocked Ambrosoli!  Students knew to immediately go for duck and cover, and then proceed out to their safe zone on the playground.  From there, the search and rescue teams and ‘injured victims’ took their places to act out their parts.  We had a Fire Team, Search and Rescue Team, Medical...

29 Oct

Outdoor sports activities

On Saturday, October 20th, our Service Club enjoyed a fulfilled day of outdoor sports activities with several of CoRSU’s recovering patients. The children engaged in sitting volleyball, Duck Duck Goose, badminton, and dancing, on the CoRSU playground. The most memorable moments for our Ambrosoli kids were the smiles they put on the faces of the children of CORSU. They told me that was their goal… to make it fun and memorable for all! Mission accomplished! ...

18 Sep

Bright Sparks in 4 Mburo!

This past week in Yr. 4 Mburo, we’ve identified the various uses of power at Ambrosoli, and which items we feel are important to the school.  We then researched information on famous inventors of electricity, as we worked together as a class to create a timeline of electrical inventions. In English, we’ve valued our buddy reading time with Tr. Irene’s Yr. 2 class.  We’ve also enjoyed reading various African fables, as we identify the moral, as well...

23 Mar

Yr. 4 Mburo Student Chocolate Blogs

  Student Chocolate Blogs Our Yr. 4 Mburo students truly enjoyed learning about chocolate in IPC this term.  It is by far the most exciting, educational, and engaging IPC unit we study all year!  Our students learned about the history of cocoa, where in the world cocoa came from, the chocolate making process from bean to bar, the dark side of chocolate (child trafficking and deforestation), nutrition, Fair Trade, and marketing, advertising, and sales.  We learned that buying a chocolate bar is...