Parents’ ideas Read/share books about transition with your children’s Take pics and/or make a video on the way to school If they are old enough give them a camera so that they can do it themselves Show them and share pics and other details about the new place you are moving Keep in touch with friends via WhatsApp and/or Skype and emails Talking about transition/moving honestly and when possible well in advance ( when is not possible try to “stretch” the process as much as possible Be...


The Litter Muncher

This week all the children in Reception took part in our fabulous Early Years production ‘The Litter Muncher.’ The story was about a machine who had to pick up all the litter in Lazy Daisy Village when the villagers were too lazy to throw their rubbish in the bin themselves. But this machine, the litter muncher, became too tired and had to stop to rest. The village then became really untidy and smelly, and after days of this the villagers realised...


Making Model Islands

5 Karuma have very much enjoyed developing their technology skills over the past couple of weeks. In keeping with our ‘Earth as an Island’ unit, the children have worked together and created their own model islands. They thought carefully about the materials which they would use and the steps they would need to take to complete the task. By collaborating well, they have successfully made super models and are very proud of their finished products! ...