Developing Fine Motor Skills

Reception class believes in developing a holistic child of which final motor skill development is an equally important part of a child’s development. When the small muscles that control hands, fingers and thumbs are fully developed, the child finds it easy to draw, colour and write.   We provide activities that encourage children to coordinate both hands together. We offer opportunities for children to manipulate small items to push and pull with hands and fingers and practice small movements with hands. This...


Chocolate Sale

Year 4 children raised money for CORSU, by baking and advertising their chocolate treats and then selling them to members of the Ambrosoli community. The children worked in groups to produce adverts and posters promoting their brands and products. They had a great time selling their treats, after weeks of hard work and lots of learning all about chocolate! ...


Workshop Clowning

Today we had an amazing Clown workshop by Jessica Haines, better known as Mummy Olivia and Juliet. Jess is a South African actress. She frequently works in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi and Kampala. She is married to Richard Ancrum Walker, they have three children. After living in North Africa, Tunisia, for two years they then moved to Nairobi, Kenya, where they lived for 8 years. They are now based in Kampala, Uganda. In the workshop we have been finding our inner clown, discovering...