Board Of Directors

Dr A.M-S. Katahoire
Dr A.M-S. Katahoire, Chairman Board of Directors

Dr Katahoire is a registered Electrical Engineer, and a graduate from the University of Nairobi, University ofWindsor, and the University of Manitoba, Canada, where he gained his B.Sc (EE), M.A. Sc (EE) and PhD degrees, respectively. He is currently the Managing Director and founding partner (in 1981) of Multi-Konsults Ltd, an Engineering Services Consultancy Company. He has had over ten years experience as a University Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Head of Department of Electrical Engineering at Makerere University.  He has been involved with the school as a parent for over seven years. 

Luciano Valla
Luciano Valla, Member Board of Directors

Luciano is an established manager with more than 20 years of experience working for an International non-governmental organisation.  He worked and lived in Ugandafor 14 years, leaving in 2006 to relocate to Thailand.  He was among the parents who founded Ambrosoli Limited and was appointed its first Chairman.  Over the years he has been involved in the school management in varying capacities (including Board Chairman and Treasurer).

Erik Van Veen
Erik Van Veen, Treasurer Board of Directors

Erik has been a shareholder of AMIS since 2003. All his 3 children spent their formative primary years at Ambrosoli. He spent 8 years with MTN Uganda as Chief Commercial Officer till 2008 before pursuing private business ventures. He currently holds several board directorships in companies across East Africa. He also sits on two school governing bodies in South Africa.

Ambrosoli International School (Ambrosoli Limited) is comprised of a Board of Directors (BoD), Board of Governors (BoG) and a number of advisory Board Committees.

The role of the Board of Directors is to ensure the overall financial stability of the school. The BoD therefore work closely with the school’s management team to provide continued school improvements; both structurally and financially. All financial decisions are managed by the Business Manager together with the Head of School and are based upon the strategic plans and policies for the school. The directors are not involved in the day to day management or governance of the school.

The board of directors is composed of 4 individuals: The BoD is composed of 4 individuals: Chairman – Dr Abel Katahoire, Treasurer – Erik Van Veen, Secretary – Luciano Valla, member -  Richard Black