31 May

Rivers in Action!

3 Bunyonyi made rivers as part of their Geography learning. They made sure their river showed all of the features they had learnt about, including; source, meanders, tributaries, main channel, mouth and estuary. We even had some paper boats to float down the channel when the source began to produce water! We also increased our understanding about the importance of gradient, in the flow of water. ...

31 May

Our Islands

Year 3 Bunyonyi chose an island in the world to research and create. They made fact files about their island on Word, detailing the human and geographical features on the island. The children then made plans of their island to allow them to make a ‘true to life’ model out of a mixture of materials including mod rock. They then labelled the features and got ready to present their learning to Year 5 Karuma. We very much enjoyed this project...

27 May

CoRSU Christmas Party Fun

Several Ambrosoli students, parents, and staff joined our service club, as we celebrated Christmas with the patients of CoRSU.  We collected hundreds of gifts and holiday treats from our school drives, to please every single patient in the hospital!  What a joyful day it was, as everyone celebrated Christmas together!   Mr. and Mrs. Claus, along with their little elves and reindeer, have arrived to bring some holiday cheer to the patients at CoRSU!!! Rudolph is in the building!!! Ambrosoli’s Service Club volunteers and...

24 May

This week year one children enjoyed revising their knowledge of measurements. We looked at non-standard as well as standard ways of measuring distance, height, weight and capacity. We understand that there are different units that we use for measuring, like centimeters, m eters, liters or grams and kilograms. ...

10 May


Year 3 had the most wonderful camping trip over the last two days. For many of them this was their first night away from their parents and almost exclusively their first night in a tent which they had put up themselves. During the trip the children practices many of the personal learning goals, such as cooperation, adaptability and resilience. The children did team games, learnt volley ball, swam, obstacle courses, learnt about map reading for the IPC topic, celebrated birthday’s...

03 May

Treasure Island Entry Point

Year 1 has had an exciting Entry Point to our new IPC unit ‘Treasure Island’.  Together with Year 2 we split up into four groups and we did four different pirate activities. We had to decode a coded pirate message, design a pirate flag, construct a pirate ship and finally participate in a race for treasure. It was a fun way to enter our last unit this academic year!

03 May

Island Life Entry Point

On Tuesday Mile Post 3 (years 3 and 4) had their new IPC topic Entry Point. The children had a taste of Island Life and partied among palm trees with tropical juice on the Ambrosoli Cruise Ship. Soon after starting the party a storm hit the boat and the children were left without possessions on a desert island. How would they find food and shelter? What survival skills would they need? If they were to send a message in a bottle,...

29 Mar

March in Year 5

Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera ...

29 Mar

It’s Shocking!

This week Year 1 did a very exciting Entry Point to our new unit ‘It’s Shocking’! We had an expert come to school who showed us how solar power is generated. We now know that solar panel batteries can be charged even if the panels are covered or if the sun is hiding behind the clouds! Mr. Joseph also talked us through what electricity is and how it works. We are very excited to see...

28 Mar

4 Mburo Fair Trade Chocolate Banana Smoothie Project

Yr. 4 Mburo got a splash of reality, when they had to work in groups to trade ingredients to make a chocolate banana smoothie.  They soon found out that the real world isn’t always peaches and cream.  They faced several challenges as they tried to get the quantities of their desired ingredients to make their smoothies.  There were a few thieves who disrupted things by stealing ingredients while no one was watching.  They also faced challenges trading with certain groups. ...