Year 1

15 Mar

Shapes all around

This week we dived into geometry in Year 1. We have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes in and around school. On Friday we made scenes by cutting out different 2D shapes. To link this activity in with our IPC topic ‘Seeing The Light’ we themed the pictures ‘day and night’. ...

11 Mar

Book week!

We had a lot of fun this week, because  our Ambrosoli book week brought so many exciting activities. Among others, we did buddy reading with year 5, we visited a book cafe where we were able to sample some books that were recommended by other Ambrosoli children and on Thursday we did an exciting workshop with a book author from Kenya! To wrap it up we dressed up as characters from our favorite book about travelling and we did a...

26 Feb

Place Value Fun in Year One!

Year One students are developing their Number Sense and Place Value understanding of two and three-digit numbers. Check out the photos to see how they “build and draw” in order to solve our Math Riddles! ...

15 Feb

Seeing The Light Entry Point

Last week year 1 started a new IPC unit – Seeing The Light. We kicked it off with an exciting entry point, which had us looking for tiny figures around school. Apart from discovering that some of them do and some of them do not reflect light, they also carried a coded message. When we put them in the right order, we discovered that they spell out the name of our unit – SEEING THE

05 Feb

Rigorous learning can be fun!

This Monday we went outside to learn numbers with Year 1. A lot of role plays include numbers so it’s a must to know them! We went off to the basketball court and played hopscotch. The first step when learning to count is obviously to start in order “un, deux, trois, quatre, …”. It is more challenging to be able to identify random numbers … So to support differentiation some of them had numbers in order from 1 to 20...

04 Feb

Time Detectives Creating Artifacts

Incorporating Art and Design Technology, Year 1 Rwenzori students designed and built artifacts last week. Their creations showcased their learning about Historical events and monuments that honor or represent them. From the Moai of Chile’s Easter Island to Uganda’s Independence Monument, we became experts on places near and far! Check out the photos of our designs and final products…    ...

01 Feb

Open Morning

This week we had an open morning at Ambrosoli and year 1 was extremely pleased with the turnout! We asked the parents to take part during our IPC lesson, which focused on researching and sequencing events from the past. It was wonderful to have so many helpers and we hope our parents learned about how we teach IPC. ...

30 Jan

Movement through dance – PE unit

In year 1 we have just completed our dance unit. This was an exciting adventure where we learnt the reasons why people dance as well as different forms of dance. Children got the opportunity of choreographing their own dance as well. We are now turning the wheels of learning to mini football which will see us learn simple ball skills like dribbling, passing and shooting and this will culminate into the inter-house football competition in mid March. ...