Year 4

14 Dec

Year 4 Jinja Basecamp trip

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03 Dec

Guest Speakers for IPC

We were very lucky to have two guest speakers last week for our IPC ‘Active Planet’ unit, who have experience working for international  organizations helping people after natural disasters. One of our unit objectives is to ‘find out about international groups that respond to natural disasters’ so the best way to do this was to meet real people working in these roles. The children learnt about how important it is for people to have shelter, food, water, and medical assistance after natural disasters....

08 Nov

Swimming – Backstroke

Our freestyle unit has come to an end in Key Stage 2. Swimmers now understand how a good freestyle stroke looks like and have been working on every detail of their stroke technique. We have  started our backstroke unit where children are developing the correct backstroke kick, arm movement, catch, head position and body roll. ...

07 Nov

Active Planet

In Yr. 4, we started our ‘Active Planet’ IPC entry point with a bang, with the BIG ‘Earthquake’ that rocked Ambrosoli!  Students knew to immediately go for duck and cover, and then proceed out to their safe zone on the playground.  From there, the search and rescue teams and ‘injured victims’ took their places to act out their parts.  We had a Fire Team, Search and Rescue Team, Medical...

06 Nov

Games Unit – Football

In Key stage 2, we have begun our football unit which started with knowledge harvest by the children. It was remarkable to hear and learn what the children already know about football, what skills they would like to learn and what they would do to develop and better their skills. Currently we are working on developing our footwork with different skills in dribbling passing and shooting skill. The next 6 week are going to be pretty fun where we are going...

01 Nov

Computing Science in year 4 _ Unit 4.1 We are software developers

In this unit the children were tasked with developing an educational computer game using Scratch program. Throughout the process the children learnt selection and repetition to animate their characters. They showed good understanding and use of variables as they started to debug their computer programs. At the end they started to recognise the importance of user interface design, including consideration of input and output and the final stage was presentation of their learning. Educational Game planning stage. ...

26 Oct

Inter-School French Day: Journée Française

On 25th October, six other International schools in Kampala brought some of their students to Ambrosoli for the Inter-School French Day. Six of our Year 4 children represented our school, and were the team leaders of the groups as they completed different activities around the school. Our Ambrosoli students described the day in their own words: In the morning we welcomed the other schools and met all the other children. Then we did seven activities – learning about Chad, Canada, Belgium, France,...

19 Oct

Dear Diary.

This week at school, Year 4 students acted out roles in an earthquake relief centre following a fake earthquake. 4 Sipi reflected on their experiences of the activity by writing a diary entry, linking together our IPC and English topics. They wrote some very accurate descriptions of how they tackled the situation, their feelings during the roleplay activity and what they learnt from the IPC Entry Point. Please enjoy the below excerpts from their diaries that paint a very clear...

25 Sep

Swimming – Freestyle

The children in Year 4 have been focusing on improving their Freestyle technique these past few weeks. They understand that swimming is about the details, and how all the small details come together to make a good stroke. Some of the details they have been working on have been; making sure their toes are pointed, elbows pointing to the sky and breathing on the side. ...