Year 4

14 Mar

Fairtrade Banana Smoothies

We made banana smoothies, while learning all about the challenges of trading and the importance of fair trade. We had to trade items with other groups to get all the ingredients and equipment we needed. We learnt a lot and connected this experience to our learning about fairtrade in our chocolate unit in IPC. ...

12 Feb

Chocolate Workshop

We enjoyed our chocolate workshop with local chocolate producer, Moonbean, yesterday. We learnt about the importance of bean selection before roasting, winnowing and grinding beans and then mixing and refining ingredients. After conching, tempering and molding, we each had chocolate treats we had made to take home! What a wonderful day. ...

01 Feb

Chocolate Planet Stories – 4 Sipi characters

Year 4 Sipi children introduced their characters from the Chocolate Planet stories they are working on, during Open Morning. They had invented their characters through writing, drawing and drama tasks and then brought them to life with props and costumes and some excellent acting! We met these characters from the chocolate planet on Open Morning. They answered questions in their roles very well! 4 ...

31 Jan

Mini Football – Unit

In Year 4, our main focus has been football which has seen us learn and grow our ball skills especially in dribbling, passing, shooting and ball control. Our next target is to try and apply these skills in small and medium team setups of  6 and 7 -aside players. We will cultivate this unit with the inter-house football competition where children will get a chance to showcase their skills at a competitive level in front of their peers, parents...

31 Jan

Art Year 4 – IPC unit Active Planet

Students learned how to make a volcano collage in art lessons connecting their knowledge from science and history. First they became familiar with the life and work of Jackson Pollock and created splash paintings in his style.  ...

30 Jan

Swimming – Breaststroke

In Key Stage 2, our breaststroke journey is well underway. It is exciting to see the children’s eagerness to learn the correct breaststroke leg and arm movement. At the end of our journey, the timing of the stroke will help us learn when to kick, pull, breathe and glide to make the full stroke breaststroke. ...

14 Dec

Year 4 Jinja Basecamp trip

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