This week Reception celebrated Chinese New Year with a visit from He Han and Zhixuan’s mums. They came to help us understand what Chinese New Year is all about and help us with a Chinese dragon craft activity – lots of fun!

The visit started with He Han’s mum telling us the history of Chinese New Year. It was very interesting to hear about the monster and the fact it was scared of the colour red, now we know that’s why lots of people wear red for new year and it is such an important colour for the Chinese.

She then told us the story of the Chinese zodiac and explained about the twelve different animals. We found out this year is the year of the pig, and that all the children in Reception are either horses or goats.

After that, Zhixuan’s mum showed us how to make dragons. We had to fold red paper, colour and cut out the head and tail of the dragon, and finally stick everything together. It took quite a while to do but we were resilient and loved our dragons once they were done.

Finally, we were given two gifts for new year – a red envelope with sweets inside from He Han’s mum (traditionally the Chinese give each other red envelopes with money in for new year) and a lovely red lantern to decorate our homes from Zhixuan’s mum.

We really enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year and making the dragons, thank you so much to He Han and Zhixuan’s mum for spending a morning with us (and for the gifts they brought us.) Happy New Year!

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