World’s Largest Lesson

On Monday the whole school participated in the world wide initiative celebrating the ‘World’s Largest Lesson’. We combined the children in Year One and initially discussed the weeks learning goal about ‘COOPERATION’. The children thought about why this is a goal for everyone around the world to work on. They understood that without cooperation, conflicts and fights occur and then possibly war. This could then lead to poverty and hunger. They had some very interesting and thoughtful insights.

Obstacle Course

We finished the IPC unit on ‘Brainwaves’ by completing an obstacle course. The children have enjoyed thinking about how our brain helps us and how messages are sent to other parts of the body from their brain. They have begun to realise how important their brain is and that it must be protected when doing dangerous activities like riding a bicycle. The children even talked about how water and healthy food was especially important for their brain.We had a chance to better our ICT skills by finding out lots of information about the brain using the internet.

Our Entry Point for ‘Hoorah… Let’s go on Holiday!’

Our Entry Point for ‘Hoorah… Let’s go on Holiday!’ was thoroughly enjoyed by both children and teachers. The children went to an imaginary holiday island. First they had to go through customs and then fly on an aeroplane to Fiji. They collected the passports that they made last week when they arrived at the airport. The customs department waslocated in 1R. The children got their passports stamped and went through a security checkpoint. They boarded the aeroplane in 1J.

1 Jinja Assembly

Year One Jinja did a great assembly all about the personal learning goal cooperation. They reenacted the story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’. The children enjoyed the performance and it enabled them to understand more about working together to get things done. They enjoyed the songs that they learnt for the performance and could be heard singing them enthusiastically throughout the week.

A New Start in Year 1

The children have come back to school with fantastic enthusiasm. They have shown us how well they can read, count and play together. We have been learning about our ‘brain’ and used this to try out new activities and ‘have-a-go’!


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