Ambrosoli Handbook

Dear Parents and Carers, this handbook has been designed in such a way as to provide you with as much information about our school as possible. It covers areas such as our staff, ways of communication, our curriculum, school reports, school newsletters, our typical school day and much more! Please feel free to contact us should wish to clarify any area within the handbook that you feel does not answer the question you may have.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Ambrosoli International School has a lively and active Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) whose aim is to make all parents feel included and enthusiastic about school events and school life. The PTA acts as an additional channel of communication between parents, teachers and the Board of Governors.


All parents with children at Ambrosoli are automatically members of the PTA, as are all members of staff.

Roles and Responsibilities of the PTA

  •  To be an inclusive group offering a warm welcome to all parents in the school community;
  • To actively work towards finding solutions for issues; and
  • To be proactive towards the continued success of the school.

Also the PTA plans and organises social or fundraising events in support of the school such as potluck suppers and the annual Family Fun Day. During this the PTA encourages active participation and enthusiastic involvement of parents and teachers. This also applies to supporting school events such as key stage productions, sports days or other celebrations.

The PTA meetings and the Committee 2016-2017

All parents and staff are invited to the PTA meetings. Their ideas and support are always very welcome. In addition, there are specific committee roles such as the Chair Person, the Vice Chair and the Treasurer.

This year’s PTA committee consists of the following persons:

Vik Dawda


Tracy Hathorn and Angela Lokidi

 Staff  Reps

Susan Fraser


Brian Feintech

Bar and Stock

Vanessa Small


Cinzia Papevero


Peter Vlam


Gina Hukme-Denysschen


Anna Fornara



Class Parent Representative (CPR)

Each class at Ambrosoli has its own CPR,this can be one or two parents of a child in that class. The role of the CPR is to represent the parents of that class, to be the main contact for parents and the teachers and to assist the teachers in organising parents’ involvement in events and other participation; also the CPRs distribute the contact details of all children.

Check the school newsletter for date of the next PTA meeting.

We have many exciting PTA events coming up!

Even if you are unable to attend the PTA meetings, there are lots of events you can sign up to assist with throughout the year, including Family Football events and the Parents’ Party, happening later in the school year.

We hope to see you all at our next event or meeting!

The PTA 


As a school, we endeavour to keep parents and carers updated on all activities that take place within our school and our community. We intend communication to be as smooth and open as possible at all times and one of the ways to ensure this is through my weekly newsletters, which is sent out every Friday. Please take time to read through these newsletters as it often include updates on special events as well as plans for future school activities.

Amanda Dickson,
Head of School

Ambrosoli School Menu

Equator Catering Ltd


AMBROSOLI SCHOOL MENU - SY 2016-2017 Term 1 

Week one

Week two

Week Three

Week Four


Spaghetti Bolognese

Meat Lasagne

Cottage Pie

Chilli Con Carne

V Spaghetti Neapolitan

V Vegetarian Lasagne

Eggplant Moussaka

Veggie Bean Carne

Garlic bread

Bread Sticks

Steamed Vegetables

Rice and Steamed Broccoli

Grated Cheese

Lettuce, tomato slices, cucumber


Sour Cream

Fruit Slices

Fruit Slices

Fruit Slices

Fruit Slices


Chicken Curry

Roast chicken

Chicken and vegetable Fajita

Jacket Potato

V Vegetable Curry

V Cauliflower cheese

V Falafel pieces

Baked Beans and Grated Cheese


Separate gravy

Grated Cheese

Tuna Mayo


Roast Potatoes


Pineapple and Carrot Salad

Cucumber and carrot sticks

Stuffing balls

Tomato salsa



Steamed Broccoli

Sour cream ( plain yogurt)

Fruit Salad




Fruit Slices

Fruit Slices

Fruit Slices



Bangers and mash

Meat balls in tomato Sauce

Fish Cakes

Macaroni Cheese

Pork Sausage

V Tomato Sauce

Pesto Pasta with green beans

Garlic Bread

V Veggie sausage

With Penne Pasta


Carrot sticks, Lettuce

Mashed potatoes

Green Beans with Garlic Butter

Peas and sweet corn

tomato slices, cucumber

Carrots and green beans




Fruit Slices


Fruit Slices

Fruit Slices


Fruit Slices


Sliced Brown bread

G nut Sauce

Margarita Pizza

Steak Pie (pots and carrots)

Egg Mayonnaise, Ham, cheese,


Avocado slices , cucumber, lettuce

V Spinach, Mushroom and feta tart

sliced beef

Yellow Rice

and tomatoes slices

Cabbage and Cauliflower

Avocado slices , cucumber, lettuce, Tomato Slices


Salad dressing


Salad dressing




Fruit Salad

Fruit Kebabs



Fish in Bread Crumbs

Beef Kebab

Beef Burger

BBQ Chinese Chicken Drumstick

V Eggplant Schnitzel

Vegetable Kebab

V Veggie burger in bread rolls

With Vegetable fried noodles



Tomato Ketchup

Soy Sauce


Cucumber, carrot sticks and lettuce

Lettuce / Tomatoes/ Avocado

Steamed Vegetables


Pita bread

Carrot and Cucumber Sticks

Fruit Slices

Fruit Slices

Fruit Slices

Fruit Slices