Extending the curriculum at Ambrosoli

Mission Statement

Ambrosoli is a community minded school that nurtures curiosity, creativity and global awareness through an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum. Children learn to become resilient and respectful in an environment where each child is challenged and encouraged to thrive and achieve as an individual.

At Ambrosoli a part of our mission statement is to challenge and encourage each child to achieve. It is important, therefore, to ensure that a wide range of experiences are open to them to help realise their potential. Alongside the balanced curriculum in class, we offer many other opportunities for children to experience new activities and develop their personal skills and talents.

Kampala Music School: Every week Kampala Music School visit our school to teach children individual lessons on various instruments. We currently have children learning guitar, violin, piano and drums. Lessons are timetabled by the school music teacher within the school day at an additional cost.  There are opportunities for these children to perform to their classmates, family and school at various times in the year. Instruments can be hired from Kampala Music School if required. www.kampalamusicschool.com 

LAMDA: Children from Reception upwards are able to sign up for weekly LAMDA classes led by visiting LAMDA instructors. LAMDA is an independent drama school, dedicated to the vocational training of actors, stage managers and technicians, directors and designers in the skills and levels of creativity necessary to meet the highest demands and best opportunities in theatre, film, radio and TV. The classes at Ambrosoli help the children to start developing such skills in a fun and practical way.   Children may be invited to take annual LAMDA exams, but these are optional to LAMDA students. LAMDA classes and exams are available at an additional cost. www.lamda.org.uk or

After school clubs: The student council help build the programme for after-school clubs. These run every day (except Fridays) from 2.20pm – 3.05pm.  Children are able to sign up for up to four clubs a week, depending on availability.  Each club runs for 11 weeks and typically include football, basketball, art and crafts, homework, science, drumming, jewellery making, film making, cricket, tennis and swimming. Most clubs are open to children from years 1 – 6.  

 Squads : The school currently has four school squads – swimming, athletics, basketball and football. Children are selected to attend squads; they do not sign up in the same way as clubs. Squads train weekly from 2.20pm – 4.00pm.  Children in school squads must show commitment and follow the rules and expectations of the coaches and the school. Squads play regular fixtures with other schools in Kampala on and off the school site. The times of squad fixtures vary between during the school day, after school and on Saturdays.

Educational trips: In order to support and enrich the curriculum, off site visits are planned each term in primary and each year in early years.  Local places of interest are used to widen children’s knowledge and understanding. The programme of trips is planned to ensure a wide range of additional experiences in a safe environment. The school uses well maintained buses to transport the children and ensures that every child wears a seat belt. As the children get older more adventurous trips are planned some involving one or more nights away from school.

Visitors: We are very keen to use local expertise in school. Parents or visitors that are able to come in and talk to classes and /or share their skills, where relevant to the curriculum, are very welcome in the school. In the past we have had visiting doctors, dentists, craftspeople, environmentalists, artists, musicians and actors as well as parents and grandparents sharing life stories and special experiences. Liz, our admissions officer, keeps a data base with information about parents and friends skills and expertise that teachers can draw on when needed to enhance the childrens’ learning and understanding. Please come and add your name to the database!

Community Links: are made with other schools in Uganda and the school supports these schools in various ways throughout the school year. Schools are invited in to share special events such as school productions and sports days. Resources are passed on and staff are regularly invited to Ambrosoli for training. Children at Ambrosoli have opportunities to interact and learn about the lives of children in different local communities.

Celebrations, beliefs and events: As an international school with 40 nationalities represented amongst the students and staff it is important to celebrate and recognise the different values, beliefs and events that are important to members of our community. Although religion is not taught specifically, knowledge of other cultures and countries celebrations and beliefs is part of a number of our IPC units e.g. Celebrations, The Great, the Bold and the Brave and Moving People. We welcome parents who are willing to come in to school on or around the time of the various religious holidays to talk to our children about how those special times are celebrated.