Term One in Reception has been lots of fun! We’ve all had a great time playing, learning, exploring, making new friends…

These are just a few of our highlights from Term One:

I liked reading books. The lion one was my favourite. Nandi

I liked the blocks the best because it’s for playing. I made a house with a gas station. Nathan

I liked playing with Baptiste. I played with him cars. Liam

I liked PE because they always make my muscles be strong. They also do football and I like football. Safia

I liked playing outside on the swing. Niklas

I liked the Legos because you can make stuff like alien cars with them. Kalinda

I liked the toys in class. I liked the blocks because they’re my favourite. Amani

I liked playing with rice because it’s fun. I liked finding animals in the rice. Anika

I liked playing with the small Legos. I made guns because I like to shoot people. Ryansh

I liked playing with the cars because they can drive. Inga

I liked playing with the animals because they were nice and they were good toys. Kayla

I liked playing Lego with Yehonatan. I made a green dinosaur with a hungry mouth. Dylan

I liked to do reading books. My favourite one was the Christmas dinosaur one. Kaiyin

I liked swimming. I liked blowing bubbles and putting my face in water. Lilly

I liked the submarine. I liked being the driver and being there with my friends. Tito

I liked making a Christmas tree. There are so much decorations on it. Miles

We can’t wait for more fun in Term Two!

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