Reception at Ambrosoli is a place of adventure, growth and learning. Through play we offer an opportunity for children to develop their natural curiosity, their eagerness to learn, and their love of communication with others.

Secure attachments are developed through play as children feel safe and supported by their classmates and teachers and this impacts their learning, happiness and self-esteem.

Play has been proven to have intellectual and cognitive benefits for the brain and it is believed that play can in fact shape the structural development of the brain.

Through play children develop important learning and life skills such as exploring, identifying, negotiating, risk-taking and imagining.

During play children are watching, listening, exploring and imitating. Even when your child is playing silently, they are learning important information and exposed to new vocabulary that they will carry with them and use later.

As children play they are learning skills such as how to concentrate on a task, how to take turns  and how to share. In turn these will aid them in regulating their behaviour and emotions.

Play leads to enhanced school adjustment and, most importantly, a love of learning. When children play and learn new things they discover than learning can be fun and go on to view learning as something enjoyable, rather than a chore.