On Wednesday 13th (Reception Flame Tree) and Thursday 14th March (Reception Baobab) went on a trip to Papercraft. It was so much fun taking the bus to get there – we got to chat to our friends, sing songs, and look at the world as we passed by. But even more fun things awaited us when we arrived…

At Papercraft we found out about the process of making recycled papers. We saw how used papers are mixed with water, then blended to form a pulp. This pulp is then added to big containers. Frames are dipped into the containers and when removed the water drains through leaving the pulp behind. The frames are then dried in the sun for a few hours, and then the paper is removed from the frames and ready to use. We got the chance to make our own papers while we were there and also a photo frame made from recycled papers. And we found out something very interesting – new paper can be made not only from used papers, but from things like banana fibre, grass and the tops of pineapples too!

During our trip to Papercraft we also found out how things can be made from recycled glass. We were shown how old glass bottles are broken and melted down to form a liquid. This can then be use to create new things from glass. All of us got to make our own necklaces with a recycled bead, and we watched a man called Amos make things for our classes – a vase and lion for Flame Tree, and a vase and monkey for Baobab.

Our trip to Papercraft was fantastic. We learnt a lot and had fun. Can we go back again next week? 🙂


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