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Welcome to Ambrosoli International School

I hope that you manage to find everything that you are looking for on our website. We aim to regularly update the pages so that parents and visitors are able to get a realistic picture of school life. If you are unable to find any information that you require, please feel free to make contact.

Ambrosoli is an international primary school in Kampala with a strong community feel. Every child and family is well known to all staff so that we are able to provide a suitable and individualized learning journeys specific to each child's needs. The main priority of our school is to ensure that children feel safe, secure, happy and excited about their learning; when this is in place, children are most likely to be successful in achieving their personal targets.

Our curriculum is based on the Early Years and Foundation Stage programme and National Curriculum for England supplemented by the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Our aim is for the children to gain confidence and have ownership of their learning and our teaching staff put a great deal of effort into making sure that lessons are relevant, challenging, engaging, active and fun! Alongside academic excellence, in our efforts to educate the whole child, we promote the personal learning goals of respect, resilience, cooperation, thoughtfulness, adaptability, communication, enquiry and resilience. Children are also helped to become internationally minded citizens, All very desirable attributes for 21st century children

Our teachers and administration staff have open door policies and we are always happy to welcome parents and visitors to our school. We recognize the importance of team work with the children’s parents and carers; we all want what is best for each and every child in our care.

All enquiries about school entrance should be addressed to admissions@ambrosolischool.com so that school visits and a meeting with the Head of School can be arranged. If you have not visited us before, I hope that we’ll meet in the near future. A warm, caring, happy and successful school is ready to welcome you.

Amanda Dickson

B.A., M.Ed., PGCE, F.Coll.T

Head of School

Board Of Directors

Ambrosoli International School (Ambrosoli Limited) is comprised of a Board of Directors (BoD), Board of Governors (BoG) and a number of advisory Board Committees.

The role of the Board of Directors is to ensure the overall financial stability of the school. The BoD therefore work closely with the school’s management team to provide continued school improvements; both structurally and financially. All financial decisions are managed by the Business Manager together with the Head of School and are based upon the strategic plans and policies for the school. The directors are not involved in the day to day management or governance of the school.

The board of directors is composed of 4 individuals: The BoD is composed of 4 individuals: Chairman – Dr Abel Katahoire, Treasurer – Erik Van Veen, Secretary – Luciano Valla, member -  Richard Black

Board Of Governors

Chairman – Robert Kabushenga, HoS – Amanda Dickson, Teacher Representatives – Emma Norris, Operations Manager – Tracy Hathorn,  Felix Holland, Frank Kirwan, Alfred Wise, John Kaggwa, Board of Director Representative – Anne Katahoire

The role of the BoG is to assist in the overall  strategic direction, governance and policy making of the school with regard to teaching and learning. The BoG is comprised of both parental and non-parental volunteers, with a maximum of eleven members; one of which is nominated by the Board of Directors. They are assisted by the Head of School, Operations Manager and Teacher Representative. Operational and administrative issues are the responsibility of the Head of School and Management Team. Please contact admin@ambrosolischool.com if you have any questions in this respect.

History Of Ambrosoli

A brief history of Ambrosoli International School

In 1989, a group of Italian parents met to start a new school in Kampala. Many of them were working for development agencies and NGOs based in Uganda, some were professionals working in Kampala, others were long-term residents or citizens of Uganda. 

All shared the desire of being protagonists of their children’s education and set two aims for the new school. First, that it would be an educative environment where the children could learn and grow, forming relationships with responsible and motivated teachers. Second, that the curriculum would be enable the children to fit back into either an Italian school system or into an international school anywhere in the world.

The newly born Scuola Italiana Ambrosoli was dedicated to Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli, an Italian priest. He was an excellent medical doctor, known personally by some of the parents.  Dr Ambrosoli spent much of his life in the north of Uganda working to provide medical training and care.  His work also brought to light the truth about poverty and war afflicting that part of the country.  Dr Ambrosoli died in Lira District in 1987.

The small school did very well, much to the satisfaction of children, parents and teachers.  After a few years, it was felt that a further step would be taken, and the school was opened to the international community.  This move enabled the Italian children who already attended Ambrosoli to participate more in the social life around them and it offered the children of other nationalities and opportunity to benefit from the caring education that the Italian children had been experiencing at the school. As a result, Ambrosoli International School was started. At first the school was only a nursery school.  It progressively expanded to include the primary school and became the educational community we are today. The enthusiastic commitment for educating children continues to grow at Ambrosoli International school today!  

A short biography of Dr Giuseppe Ambrosoli (1923-1987) 

Giuseppe Ambrosoli was born in a small village in Northern Italy on the 25th July 1923. He was the seventh of eight children.  Giuseppe studied medicine in Milan and though he had to stop his studies because of the war, in 1949 he graduated with the highest marks.

Soon after finishing university, he asked to leave for Africa to work for the needy. After being ordained as a Verona Father, he sailed to Africa on the 1st February of 1956.  Dr Ambrosoli spent a few months in Gulu; he then was sent to Kalongo, Pader District, where there was a small dispensary and maternity centre of 30 beds. Within a few years Dr Ambrosoli, with the help of his confreres, built a hospital. Today Dr Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital has 345 beds. The St Mary’s School of Midwivery, which Dr Ambrosoli established in 1959 in Northern Uganda, has trained more than 500 nurses.

Dr Ambrosoli was not only a great, humble doctor and skilled surgeon, but also a gifted teacher. Many doctors who worked as volunteers in Uganda had the opportunity to work and learn from him. Some volunteers, after their encounter with Dr Ambrosoli, even discovered their vocation as sisters, priests or brothers.

On the 13th February 1987, Dr Ambrosoli, the medical personnel, nine sisters, 150 sick and 1500 soldiers and civilians left Kalongo and the hospital for Lira on the orders of the military authority. Dr Ambrosoli died in Lira on the 27th March 1987, due to renal failure, without any medical assistance. His body was returned to Kalongo seven years later on the 7th April 1994.

Among the first parents who started the Italian School of Kampala were doctors who learnt the basics of surgery or had the opportunity to meet and admire Dr Ambrosoli. Some had even been his patients. They decided therefore to name the school after Dr Giuseppe Ambrosoli and his name has been kept as we develop: AMBROSOLI

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Ambrosoli is a community minded school that nurtures curiosity, creativity and global awareness through an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum. Children learn to become resilient and respectful in an environment where each child is challenged and encouraged to thrive and achieve as an individual.

Our Vision

Empowering pupils to become confident compassionate and internationally minded learners.


We believe in empowering individuals with knowledge, skills, values and self belief so that they can succeed now and in the future. The best education is achieved in a caring, supportive family environment, in which children participate in a community which values diversity and prepares them for responsible behaviour in a global society.

Our Aims

To be a small, happy, family orientated school
To have a friendly, exciting and safe environment that values and nurtures each individual enabling them to reach their full potential
To provide a broad and balanced education based on the National Curriculum for England enhanced to reflect and optimise the international nature of our school and our location in Uganda
To value and promote a high level of participation with parents and carers in order to best meet the needs of each child
To recognise, respect and celebrate the international diversity within our school community
To enable each individual to meet creative, intellectual and physical challenges with confidence and belief in themselves
To encourage children to develop skills to enable them to solve problems and find solutions
To have a high quality of teaching and learning to inspire creative, active, independent life long learners
To value and foster personal qualities of honesty, integrity and respect


School Profile

Ambrosoli International School enjoys an outstanding reputation in the Kampala community. We have a current student population of 260 children from 32 different nationalities and teachers from 8 different countries. The school prides itself on being at the centre of a community of children, parents, teachers and associated staff, which is enthusiastically supported by an inclusive and vibrant Parent-Teacher Association.

Ambrosoli is situated within the quiet suburb of Bugolobi on a secure compound. The school is an active member of a number of inter schools networks through which it shares professional development opportunities, organises events for the children and shares ideas and learning. We are a member of the International Schools Sports and Athletics league of Kampala ( ISSAK) and have frequent sports fixtures with other international schools in the city.

Admin Team:

Head of School–Amanda Dickson

Operations Manager–Tracy Hathorn

Bursar – Bernice Musoke

Administration–Liz Karyeija Oketa

Accountant – Richard Muhereza

Teaching Staff:

Teachers: 20 ( Britain, Australia, Uganda, New Zealand, Canada, USA)

Learning Assistants: 25


Early Years Foundation Stage programme from England.

National Curriculum for England at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 for English and Moths and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for foundation subjects.

Class Size: Maximum of 20 except in years 5 and 6 where class sizes may be slightly larger.

For information about tuition and fees please open the Admissions tab.

Extra-curricular Activities:

A wide range of after school activities is available on Mondays to Thursdays from 2.20pm to 3.05pm for children in reception through to year 6. The student council is involved in the selection of the clubs and they typically include football, photography, ballet, wood crafting, swimming, karate and cross-country. Children may also be invited to represent the school by taking their place on basketball, football and swimming squads.