Year 2


Entry point – I’m Alive!

Today our year twos were celebrating our new IPC unit entry point – I’m Alive! We all brought a plastic container, a handful of stones and potting compost to school. It was a very exciting morning for the children and teachers. We all planted our own fruit tree ( we used our senses to find out which fruit tree we planted). We will take care of our trees everyday and look out for any changes . We will later on bring them...


Last day of term 1!

We had an amazing last day of term 1. Our kindhearted friend Julia surprised us all with a bag full of presents today. She loves to buy gifts for others and took a lot of time making/buying the perfect present for each of her friends & teachers. I think we can all learn from this great example of thoughtfulness. Please enjoy the pictures and all the presents we got today! Happy Holidays!  Teacher Dianne   ...


Dance Unit

In PE, Year 2 learning has taken a new direction. We are doing dance! This is an exciting journey for all the learners as they will be exploring different dance moves as well as creating our own dance routines, individually and in groups.  Our dance theme is the JUNGLE ...