Year 4

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Bright Sparks in 4 Mburo!

This past week in Yr. 4 Mburo, we’ve identified the various uses of power at Ambrosoli, and which items we feel are important to the school.  We then researched information on famous inventors of electricity, as we worked together as a class to create a timeline of electrical inventions. In English, we’ve valued our buddy reading time with Tr. Irene’s Yr. 2 class.  We’ve also enjoyed reading various African fables, as we identify the moral, as well...


Parents learn too!

Two parents came to speak to us in Year 4 Sipi this week about their learning experiences as part of our IPC Unit ‘Brainwaves’. One parent spoke about learning to dance and told us how important it is to practise regularly but also how important it is to enjoy what you’re learning. Year 4 Sipi students had a lot of questions, and particularly enjoyed the dance demonstration and video. The other parent told us about her experience of learning different languages. She...