Year 4

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Island Life Entry Point

On Tuesday Mile Post 3 (years 3 and 4) had their new IPC topic Entry Point. The children had a taste of Island Life and partied among palm trees with tropical juice on the Ambrosoli Cruise Ship. Soon after starting the party a storm hit the boat and the children were left without possessions on a desert island. How would they find food and shelter? What survival skills would they need? If they were to send a message in a bottle,...


Chocolate Sale

Year 4 children raised money for CORSU, by baking and advertising their chocolate treats and then selling them to members of the Ambrosoli community. The children worked in groups to produce adverts and posters promoting their brands and products. They had a great time selling their treats, after weeks of hard work and lots of learning all about chocolate! ...


4 Mburo Fair Trade Chocolate Banana Smoothie Project

Yr. 4 Mburo got a splash of reality, when they had to work in groups to trade ingredients to make a chocolate banana smoothie.  They soon found out that the real world isn’t always peaches and cream.  They faced several challenges as they tried to get the quantities of their desired ingredients to make their smoothies.  There were a few thieves who disrupted things by stealing ingredients while no one was watching.  They also faced challenges trading with certain groups. ...