Year 4

Class Blog


Swimming – Backstroke

Our freestyle unit has come to an end in Key Stage 2. Swimmers now understand how a good freestyle stroke looks like and have been working on every detail of their stroke technique. We have  started our backstroke unit where children are developing the correct backstroke kick, arm movement, catch, head position and body roll. ...


Active Planet

In Yr. 4, we started our ‘Active Planet’ IPC entry point with a bang, with the BIG ‘Earthquake’ that rocked Ambrosoli!  Students knew to immediately go for duck and cover, and then proceed out to their safe zone on the playground.  From there, the search and rescue teams and ‘injured victims’ took their places to act out their parts.  We had a Fire Team, Search and Rescue Team, Medical...


Games Unit – Football

In Key stage 2, we have begun our football unit which started with knowledge harvest by the children. It was remarkable to hear and learn what the children already know about football, what skills they would like to learn and what they would do to develop and better their skills. Currently we are working on developing our footwork with different skills in dribbling passing and shooting skill. The next 6 week are going to be pretty fun where we are going...