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Yr. 4 Mburo Student Chocolate Blogs

  Student Chocolate Blogs Our Yr. 4 Mburo students truly enjoyed learning about chocolate in IPC this term.  It is by far the most exciting, educational, and engaging IPC unit we study all year!  Our students learned about the history of cocoa, where in the world cocoa came from, the chocolate making process from bean to bar, the dark side of chocolate (child trafficking and deforestation), nutrition, Fair Trade, and marketing, advertising, and sales.  We learned that buying a chocolate bar is...


Pop Art

I art lessons we learnt about pop art and how to create a self-portrait with a yummy chocolate in connection with our IPC unit |”Chocolate”.   ...


Pop Art

In year 4 we learned about pop art and how to create a pop art style self-portrait with a yummy, delicious, scrumptious chocolate. ...