Year 5 Class Team

Sara Ruzickova – Year 5 Karuma Teacher

Hello, my name is Sara Ruzickova and I am from The Czech Republic. I have been in Ambrosoli since 2017, starting as a year 2 class teacher. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful, international, child centered school and I am excited to start my new adventure in year 5 Karuma. Before Ambrosoli I taught for 4 years at various secondary schools in The Netherlands where I also acquired my Bachelor’s Degree in English and Education. I love reading, travelling and learning foreign languages of which I can speak 6 on various levels. I truly love teaching and I am excited for the upcoming years at Ambrosoli.

Ben Mulinde – Year 5 Karuma LSA      

Olyotya!  I’m Reuben Mulinde (Ben). I am Ugandan and proud to be part of the year 5 team. I’m married to Phoebe with two children, Jed and Amani. I have a degree in Education (African history and Religious Education) from Makerere University. I’ve been a teacher at Ambrosoli since 2010. My hobbies are; travelling, singing, graphic design, animation and using adobe creative suite. It is a pleasure being part of so many children’s lives in Ambrosoli.

David – Year 5 Elgon Teacher     

Hello! My name is David and I am originally from the UK. I have worked in Ambrosoli since 2017 and I am delighted to work in such a friendly and community minded school. I have been a teacher since 2000 and have worked in the UK, Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda. I have a degree in Geography and a PGCE with a focus on social sciences. I enjoy many different things, including reading, travelling, football and current affairs. I look forward to helping the children grow and develop as successful and confident learners.

Micah – Year 5 Elgon LSA

Hi, my name is Micah and I am a typical Ugandan. I am married to one-man, beloved Alex and we are blessed with one child, Herman Gold. I have a great passion for teaching and for children as well. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Arts with Education, English and Literature from Kyambogo University. I have enjoyed teaching in Ugandan secondary schools for five years, until my passion for children and exploring greater heights moved me to Ambrosoli International School this term. I enjoy learning new skills, reading, travelling and listening to young minds. I am happy and proud to work with Teacher David, Year Five Elgon and the entire Ambrosoli community.