Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 Class

Year 5 is going to be an exciting and busy year so get ready to enter the whirlwind! Our IPC topics are designed to teach all sorts; Science and investigations, History and research, Geography and the world around us and Social Sciences. This will help us to practise the personal learning goals too!

We have lots of new areas of maths to learn about and understand so for the first term we will make absolutely sure we know how numbers work and what we can do with them. Then later in the year we will be able to apply our knowledge, skills and understanding to all sorts of problems. For English, we’ll learn about a variety of text types, often linked to our IPC topics, to make us creative writers, avid readers and confident speakers.

Keep a look out for pictures and updates of what we are getting up to!

Sara Ruzickova – Year 5 Karuma Teacher

Hello, my name is Sara Ruzickova and I am from The Czech Republic. I have been in Ambrosoli since 2017, starting as a year 2 class teacher. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful, international, child centered school and I am excited to start my new adventure in year 5 Karuma. Before Ambrosoli I taught for 4 years at various secondary schools in The Netherlands where I also acquired my Bachelor’s Degree in English and Education. I love reading, travelling and learning foreign languages of which I can speak 6 on various levels. I truly love teaching and I am excited for the upcoming years at Ambrosoli.

Ben Mulinde  – Year 5 Karuma LSA

Olyotya!  I’m Reuben Mulinde (Ben). I am Ugandan and proud to be part of the year 5 team. I’m married to Phoebe with two children, Jed and Amani. I have a degree in Education (African history and Religious Education) from Makerere University. I’ve been a teacher at Ambrosoli since 2010. My hobbies are; travelling, singing, graphic design, animation and using adobe creative suite. It is a pleasure being part of so many children’s lives in Ambrosoli.

David – Year 5 Elgon Teacher

Hello! My name is David and I am originally from the UK. I have worked in Ambrosoli since 2017 and I am delighted to work in such a friendly and community minded school. I have been a teacher since 2000 and have worked in the UK, Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda. I have a degree in Geography and a PGCE with a focus on social sciences. I enjoy many different things, including reading, travelling, football and current affairs. I look forward to helping the children grow and develop as successful and confident learners.

Micah – Year 5 Elgon LSA

Hi, my name is Micah and I am a typical Ugandan. I am married to one man, beloved Alex and we are blessed with one child, Herman Gold. I have a great passion for teaching and for children as well. I hold a Bachelors degree in Arts with Education, English and Literature from Kyambogo University. I have enjoyed teaching in Ugandan secondary schools for five years, until my passion for children and exploring greater heights moved me to Ambrosoli International School this term. I enjoy learning new skills, reading, travelling and listening to young minds. I am happy and proud to work with Teacher David, Year Five Elgon and the entire Ambrosoli community.



On November 20th 2017 me and my class were learning a new IPC topic on bones. It was an incredible experience for all of us, did you know that we all have over 200 bones in our body? Yes over 200 and over 100 muscles! Then we got to become doctors my partner was Timothy and I learnt that my arm can only move 90 degrees.                              ...