Year 5

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Production Preparations in Year 5

Year 5 have been very busy preparing for the Milepost 3 Production Twagaala Kubeera Bumu. We have been developing our acting skills and have been getting creative while designing and making masks for our costumes in Art lessons. During Music sessions we have been developing our vocal talents while rehearsing the songs.     ...


Buddy Reading

This week One Jinja enjoyed some buddy reading time with Five Karuma. The older students demonstrated patience, cooperation, adaptability and resilience whilst reading to their younger peers. ...


Year 5 Get Creative

Today in Year 5 we have been busy making posters to advertise our upcoming Milepost 3 production ‘Twagaala Kubeera Bumu’.  We found out what features we would need to include on our posters by looking at other examples. By completing this activity in groups we developed our cooperation skills while planning and sharing our ideas. We explored our creative sides while considering how to make our posters eye-catching as well as informative. ...


Year 5 Bridge Building Challenge

On Friday year 5 explored the personal learning goals while taking part in a bridge building challenge. The bridge had to meet certain specifications in terms of the height of the legs and the distance it had to cross. Only tape and 5 sheets of paper were provided as building materials. The bridge also needed to be constructed to be load-bearing and strong enough to support as heavy a load as possible. The activity was lots of fun and gave the...