Year 5

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Making Model Islands

5 Karuma have very much enjoyed developing their technology skills over the past couple of weeks. In keeping with our ‘Earth as an Island’ unit, the children have worked together and created their own model islands. They thought carefully about the materials which they would use and the steps they would need to take to complete the task. By collaborating well, they have successfully made super models and are very proud of their finished products! ...


Our Islands

Year 3 Bunyonyi chose an island in the world to research and create. They made fact files about their island on Word, detailing the human and geographical features on the island. The children then made plans of their island to allow them to make a ‘true to life’ model out of a mixture of materials including mod rock. They then labelled the features and got ready to present their learning to Year 5 Karuma. We very much enjoyed this project...


Year 5 Mister Storyfella visit

Year 5 very much enjoyed the visit from Mister Storyfella, Clive Pig, yesterday.  He inspired us with our own storytelling and helped us to recognise the fun that can be had with language and play on words! A memorable visit! ...


Earth as an Island MP3 Entry Point

On Monday, Years 5 and 6 very much enjoyed collaborating on our ‘Earth as an Island’ IPC Entry Point.  The children were given the task of deciding how to develop an island in Lake Victoria to accommodate the growing Kampala population. They had to decide what man-made features they would include on the island to support a population of 50,000 people. They then had to draw a plan, including a scale, compass and key, showing where these features would be...