Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 Class

We are looking forward to an exciting year of challenging and interesting learning that will prepare us for our next adventure.

The final year of primary school is always a special time of consolidation and growth. Year 6 students enjoy the culmination of their years of primary schooling, taking on leadership roles and enjoying opportunities to represent the school in a variety of ways. At the same time they are busy preparing themselves to move onwards and upwards to further education in secondary schools both here in Uganda and further afield.

Year 6 at Ambrosoli International School is a year in which to develop independence, resilience and responsibility, so as to meet the future in top form. Our students are given every opportunity to grow and explore creatively and mindfully; developing as confident, internationally minded learners.

Diane Vuletich – Year 6 Ishasha Teacher

Kiaora, I am Diane Vuletich and I come from New Zealand. I have had the great pleasure of working at Ambrosoli International School since 2015. It has been my first adventure teaching outside of New Zealand and I couldn’t have landed in a better spot!  Prior to this position, I taught for 10 years at an inner city intermediate school in Auckland, firstly as a specialist Textiles and Design teacher, then as a specialist English teacher, and finally as a specialist Math teacher. Before that, I taught in general primary schools in Auckland.

I am delighted to call Kampala my home and greatly enjoy living in my local neighbourhood and exploring the beautiful Ugandan countryside beyond. Outside of school I like travelling and meeting new people. I also enjoy art, crafts, poetry and music.

Josephat Kayimbye – Year 6 Ishasha LSA

Hello, my name is Josephat Kayimbye. I am a qualified primary school teacher with teaching experience of over 15 years. I have been working at Ambrosoli International School since 2013. Previously I taught in Aga Khan Primary School, Rainbow International School and Heritage International School. It is a privilege to be teaching at this diverse community – Ambrosoli International School.


Future Humans

Year 6 Ishasha students had fun recently during the entry point for our IPC unit ‘Out of Africa’. They had to use great creativity and thoughtfulness to imagine and predict how human beings of the future may evolve and look like. They created costumes which they wore to school for the entry point, and each had a chance to present to the class the thinking behind their costumes. The students then produced annotated diagrams of their costumes. The activity generated...


Earth as an Island MP3 Entry Point

On Monday, Years 5 and 6 very much enjoyed collaborating on our ‘Earth as an Island’ IPC Entry Point.  The children were given the task of deciding how to develop an island in Lake Victoria to accommodate the growing Kampala population. They had to decide what man-made features they would include on the island to support a population of 50,000 people. They then had to draw a plan, including a scale, compass and key, showing where these features would be...


Year 6 Refugee Stories

Year 6 recently wrote stories about refugees following research into this topic. We researched using videos, pictures, poems and text in order to get a flavour of what life as a refugee could be like. We also had the opportunity to listen to a refugee talk about their experiences and then interview an aid worker about their work in refugee camps. We then used other texts to practice writing different elements of a story for example creating suspense, the beginning of...


Island Life!

We have had a busy start to Term 3 with our new IPC unit, Earth as an Island. This unit is mainly concerned with geography and human interaction with the land.  On Monday we started with the Entry point. Children had to design a new island to house 50,000 people who wanted to leave Kampala because it was too crowded. They had to think of all the facilities they would use and how they would best set up the island to...