Year 4 children took part in an earthquake simulation this afternoon as the Entry Point for their IPC unit ‘Active Planet’. In this unit they will be learning about natural disasters through science and geography topics. After a fake earthquake in the school, they worked in emergency response teams to ensure everyone was safe and accounted for! Here are their thoughts about the experience:

Today we pretended to react to an earthquake. My job was to be a counselor and my job was to help people. Karim

We pretended to be someone that helps someone. I was an injured person. We started our new topic called Active Planet. That was the entry point. The hardest part was faking to look hurt. Cordell

Today we were doing the entry point for IPC. My job was to be the injured person. The hardest thing was screaming. I enjoyed acting. Eli

My job was to extinguish fire from around the school. We had to be fast, brave and focused. The hardest part was to find the fire. Nora

Today we had an entry point. We had jobs after an earthquake. My job was a counselor and we had to calm people down, for example giving them water. Julia

At the beginning there was a fake earthquake. I was in the search and rescue team. The hardest part was carrying the stretcher. I learnt how to communicate and cooperate better. Next time I would use the map more. Lois

Today we had our entry point. My job was to calm people down. The very hard thing was to be patient but I enjoyed helping people to calm down. Phillipp

My job was to stop the fire. The hardest part was to find the fire. I enjoyed being a firefighter. Kimi

Today we had a fun entry point. My job was first aid. The other teams were counselors, search and rescue and firefighters. It was fun pretending there was an earthquake. Amanda

Today we had a fake earthquake and we were helping people. My job was being a counselor. The hardest part was talking to the people. I enjoyed helping other people. I learnt what to do in a real earthquake. If we did this activity again, I would help the shocked people feel a bit more calm. Leo