Today we had an amazing Clown workshop by Jessica Haines, better known as Mummy Olivia and Juliet. Jess is a South African actress. She frequently works in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi and Kampala. She is married to Richard Ancrum Walker, they have three children. After living in North Africa, Tunisia, for two years they then moved to Nairobi, Kenya, where they lived for 8 years. They are now based in Kampala, Uganda.

In the workshop we have been finding our inner clown, discovering the freedom to be silly, naïve, poetic and virtuoso. This workshop fits perfectly in our IPC unit, Circus is coming to town.

The clown lives in the moment. The world is a surprise. Nothing is taken for granted and everything is possible. Everyone has a clown inside. This clown is often suppressed as we ‘grow up’ and become ‘mature’. Learning clowning allowed us to experience an enhanced spontaneity and vitality on stage as well as in our everyday lives.

Big thanks to mummy Olivia, we had a great morning. Please enjoy our pictures!