In Yr. 4, we started our ‘Active Planet’ IPC entry point with a bang, with the BIG ‘Earthquake’ that rocked Ambrosoli!  Students knew to immediately go for duck and cover, and then proceed out to their safe zone on the playground.  From there, the search and rescue teams and ‘injured victims’ took their places to act out their parts.  We had a Fire Team, Search and Rescue Team, Medical Team, Counseling Team, Management Team, and Teacher Team, that all designed and implemented a plan to help bring all persons to safety after the quake.  After the experience, students found that communication, cooperation, and resilience play key roles in this type of disaster, and that they needed to do a better job in the future in these areas.

During our Yr. 4 Jinja Basecamp field trip, we worked in teams to build volcanoes using a plastic bottles with natural resources.  We then performed various experiments to achieve big explosions coming out of these volcanoes.  We will now focus our learning on volcanoes, particularly with Mt. Vesuvius.

What an explosive time it’s been in Yr. 4!

Tr. Shandy