In year 3 we have been planning, drafting, imagining, writing, editing and presenting stories about an immortal monkey who is hunted by a selfish explorer. We based this on a story starter movie from Literacy Shed and everyone made up their own ending for the story. We worked on our use of language and description as well as story structure. Have a read of some excerpts that we word processed using our touch typing skills. 

Alia- “An impolite  ill  mannered  man, roodliy  shawted  at  his  servant  for  his  gun  and snatched it away. As he did so an ancient wise man stepped forward and wornd the explorer to keep clear.”

Elise- “One sunny day in Brazil a dirty land rover rushed into a forest clearing with disrespectful music. He saw many colorful, grasfully, flying parrots squawking, and a see through grunting glass frog.”

Chidubem- “Wicker came out of nowhere. It grabbed Black Face and took him to the temple of the Forest Master.The monkey wobbled fearfully with fear. The Forest Master raised the monkey and poured blue dust on the monkey. ”

Kamiel – ” Back In 1989 ,in the Ancient jungle of Uganda , a veeicle came in and  a proud, tall man stepped out of his car. ”

Renad-“After the magic man raced out of the temple.After  that  Black Face wandered why the  magic man ran out of the temple. then BLACK Face ran out of the temple ”

Lisa- ” The old man throo blue dust at the explorer and the explorer looked back at the old man but he wasn’t there anymore. The explorer kept waking towards the green jungle.”

Jan- “To his shock hair started sprouting from his hands to all over his body and  his ears started sticking out of his head. He jumped around while screaming and turning into a monkey.”

Anamika – “Blackface searched all around the jungle going in circles looking searching until he finally found a extremely secret crystal clear lagoon. Looking off  the extreme north end and not knowing what the water did saw his reflection had knew what had happened so he touched the magic water and turned back into human. ”

Sun- “When he began to be a good hunter he give the monkey a yummy banana  .he said bye the wizard”

Elias- “Black Face needed his life back. He asked the old  man if he could have  his life back. Black Face behaved well and got his life back “

Mia- “But then Black Face turned into the monkey. He tumbled, scrambled, grumbled, he did a big shout [HELLP] but now-one came.oh what I’m I going too do my driver must be worried. ”

Natamba – “Back in 1919 in the Amazon forest, a 4×4 car blazed into the forest with disrespectfully music. Out came a well dressed man with leather boots and soldiar like coats.”

Hanna- “Then Black Face walked out of the forest and went to the old forest kings house. When he saw the forest king Black Face said I am so sorry I will never kill these immortal monkeys any more. The old forest king smiled at him and gave him a magic shiny necklace. Nobody talked for a while. But then the forest king gladly said you are a nice hunter. When Black Face heard the word hunter he suddenly jumped up and made a loud noise with his feet. Then he started lathing”

Noah D – “One day in 1915, in southern part of Thail and, a loded, rusti, stinki land cruiser rushed to a clearing blowing dust olova the plas and out stept a tol  impolayt man.”

Julia – “One crisp spring morning in Brazil a Land rover speedily came to a hot clearing and a proud looking man stepped out. There were exhaust  fumes flying everywhere and music blaring. The man was wearing a brown, khaki green jacket and brown boots that were for hiking and his nose was as pointy as a pencil.”

Lexie – “The explorer was very jolly as he walked towards where he had thought where the monkey had fell but as soon as he looked down he noticed hair sprouting up his arm. He was running around the forest his ears got bigger and bigger and then he fell down.”

Salome- “Suddenly there was a loud shriek from the tallest tree the explorer started to grow hear on.  His arms and on his legs then he started to run and his clothes started to get off then he sor his reflection  and…”

Sofus – “He run and  run bet he saw a car and run after the car. Black Face was thirsty and hungry. He said that he wanted money. After five years Black Face returned to the jungle. And Black Face had a big chat with the master of the jungle. ”

Quentin – “Then the explorer dropped his sniper gun and hair sprouted out of his hands and across his body and he turned into the immortal monkey.”

Rafael – “His hand started shaking and surprisingly black fur started growing and spreading thrugh his body and he stopped walking but started jumping on the floor and realised he was THE immortal monkey. ”

Woojin- “Suddenly  there  was  a  shriek  of  the immortal  monkey  when  the  horrified  explorer  hid  behind  the  great ,elderly, huge  tree  ready  to  shoot  loudly.He aimed atthe immortal monkey. Bang- Went the bullet! The explorer strolled  to  where  he  believed  to  where  the  wee , poor monkey  had  fallen proudly.”

Kabir- “Later on, Blackface was at Mukishu’s historical ancient temple and then Mukishu had cast some sort of charm. Next Blackface went away from Mukishu and then Mukishu started looking for him. Then Mukishu used magic again to find Blackface. When he found Blackface with the magic he got him and turned him back into a human. Then Blackface apologized and he would be nicer next time. ”

Shaan – “Back in 1970,in the amazon basin a smelly over loded truck screeched into a clearing radio blasting music. Out stepped and selfish explore with the gun.”

Sophie – “Bac   in the 1950 a Explore came to the  jungle  .He  wanted to shoot the only  monkey the world.”

Kavi-“Black face marched into the dip dark jungle it was  reallyscary He  hared slithering sneaks ol around him.”

Taan- “The  flies were buzzing and snakes hisshiss.”

Yonatin – “Suddenly  he  heard  the  monkey  and  then  he  hid  behind  a  tree. Then  he  round  back  and  boooooooommm   the  monkey  died.   But  then  the  man  was  proud   on  himself  and  he  walked  to the  monkey  wer he fel.”

Kiyana – “When Black Face went back home he had a good time. Three year later he came back to the forest ”

Lauren- “He started dashing so fast that he felt like he was flying. He reached the palace and found a giant magical bottle. Black Face poured the bottle on himself and he grew back to normal size and the fluff disappeared. But it also took away his wickedness. He realized what he’d done and apologized to the forest ruler. ”

Moses- “Then Black Fecs wangsloli   to the    another chance to be good. Sadenle   Black Fecs buttler came bak ”

Noah F-“Black Face marcht behind a tri he shot the monkey. He marched to were the monkey fele ”

Olivia- “Black Face ran back to the car and he said thank you to the man and fixed the snails back and he phone his driver. The driver came and said good bye and and went back to his home. On his way home he saw a monten.  The End. ”