ART Class

What is art in Ambrosoli ?

In art lessons at Ambrosoli children go on creative adventures, discover the life and work of famous artists, learn to think like an artist, explore how to work with a variety of materials and learn how to express their thoughts and ideas visually. Art is taught from Seedlings to Year 6 and art lessons are an important part of their learning. It is an ongoing process through which all children of all abilities are given opportunities to develop their creative and artistic skills.  We encourage children to use their creative imagination to achieve their potential.  At Ambrosoli art, craft and design has a significant and valuable role to play in the overall ethos of this school.  Each child’s individuality and creativity is highly cherished.

Showcasing our work

Students are able to showcase their work in local and international exhibitions as well as art competitions, for example, we were invited to participate at an art show at the Design hub in Kampala organized by “Millertorn Gallery” from Germany. Children were able to display work alongside professional artists.

Ambrosoli goes green

We love to recycle and a lot of our art pieces are made from recycled materials. Children are learning that art can be made from anything and that it is up to the artist to find beauty and new use in simple materials such as yogurt cup, juice boxes or old card board boxes.

Mandy- ART Teacher

I am Teacher Mandy. I am an artists, teacher, educator and mother. I have been teaching art at Ambrosoli since February 2010 and I love every minute of it. I am originally from Germany but have lived in Uganda for 13 years now. Art is my passion and I enjoy transferring this passion to children, facilitating their creativity. Let’s get creative!