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25 Feb

Safe Internet Day 11th February, 2020

On Tues 11th Feb, the children from MP1, MP2 and MP3 were involved in a rigorous discussion on how to be safe and responsible internet usage in school and at home under the theme “Together for a better internet”. I am so proud to say that the information shared by the children was very relevant and indicating the children/parents are taking smart steps towards safeguarding themselves while using the internet. We wanted to say our thank you to Internet Society...

25 Feb

I’m Alive_We are photographers Taking and editing better photos of living things in our environment

In this unit, the children review photos online, practise using a digital camera, take photos to fit the IPC theme I’m Alive, edit their photos, and then select their best images to include in a shared portfolio. In this unit we also discussed issues regarding e-safety and how to let an adult know if the children find images that make them feel uncomfortable or to identify where to go for help and support when they have concerns about any online content. ...

28 Oct

Year 5 AD 900 (IPC Link) Computing Games Presentation

The children in year 5 planned their own simple AD 900 computer games linking to their IPC topic. They designed their own characters and backgrounds, and created a working prototype, which they developed further based on feedback they receive from the teacher and their peers.                  ...

23 Oct

Computing_text-based programming language (Python).

In year 6, the students have been learning a few commands of a text-based programming language (Python), enabling progression from cratch. They created simple, textbased adventure game. Click the link below to view and follow their python modules progress.–SVX_9_5G9aggt7oZIyxKbmQTY/edit?usp=sharing     ...