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12 Feb

Chocolate Workshop

We enjoyed our chocolate workshop with local chocolate producer, Moonbean, yesterday. We learnt about the importance of bean selection before roasting, winnowing and grinding beans and then mixing and refining ingredients. After conching, tempering and molding, we each had chocolate treats we had made to take home! What a wonderful day. ...

01 Feb

Chocolate Planet Stories – 4 Sipi characters

Year 4 Sipi children introduced their characters from the Chocolate Planet stories they are working on, during Open Morning. They had invented their characters through writing, drawing and drama tasks and then brought them to life with props and costumes and some excellent acting! We met these characters from the chocolate planet on Open Morning. They answered questions in their roles very well! 4 ...

03 Dec

Guest Speakers for IPC

We were very lucky to have two guest speakers last week for our IPC ‘Active Planet’ unit, who have experience working for international  organizations helping people after natural disasters. One of our unit objectives is to ‘find out about international groups that respond to natural disasters’ so the best way to do this was to meet real people working in these roles. The children learnt about how important it is for people to have shelter, food, water, and medical assistance after natural disasters....

26 Oct

Inter-School French Day: Journée Française

On 25th October, six other International schools in Kampala brought some of their students to Ambrosoli for the Inter-School French Day. Six of our Year 4 children represented our school, and were the team leaders of the groups as they completed different activities around the school. Our Ambrosoli students described the day in their own words: In the morning we welcomed the other schools and met all the other children. Then we did seven activities – learning about Chad, Canada, Belgium, France,...

19 Oct

Dear Diary.

This week at school, Year 4 students acted out roles in an earthquake relief centre following a fake earthquake. 4 Sipi reflected on their experiences of the activity by writing a diary entry, linking together our IPC and English topics. They wrote some very accurate descriptions of how they tackled the situation, their feelings during the roleplay activity and what they learnt from the IPC Entry Point. Please enjoy the below excerpts from their diaries that paint a very clear...

05 Sep

Parents learn too!

Two parents came to speak to us in Year 4 Sipi this week about their learning experiences as part of our IPC Unit ‘Brainwaves’. One parent spoke about learning to dance and told us how important it is to practise regularly but also how important it is to enjoy what you’re learning. Year 4 Sipi students had a lot of questions, and particularly enjoyed the dance demonstration and video. The other parent told us about her experience of learning different languages. She...