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03 Apr

Online Learning

It has been an eventful end to term, learning online from our homes all around the world. One of the fun activities we had a go at was making our own origami models of a DNA double helix. This task was connected to our IPC Growing Up unit. Take a look at some of our results. ...

27 Jan

Class Blog

In 6 Ishasha we have been learning about ‘Moving People’ in our IPC unit. This week we studied the history of Uganda and how the people of the northern part of Uganda migrated to Kampala for a better life. In maths we are learning how to add, subtract and multiply fractions and decimal numbers. In English we are writing our own list poems and analysing the poems of others. By Agathe and Margot ...

16 Sep

Future Humans

Year 6 Ishasha students had fun recently during the entry point for our IPC unit ‘Out of Africa’. They had to use great creativity and thoughtfulness to imagine and predict how human beings of the future may evolve and look like. They created costumes which they wore to school for the entry point, and each had a chance to present to the class the thinking behind their costumes. The students then produced annotated diagrams of their costumes. The activity generated...

03 May

Island Life!

We have had a busy start to Term 3 with our new IPC unit, Earth as an Island. This unit is mainly concerned with geography and human interaction with the land.  On Monday we started with the Entry point. Children had to design a new island to house 50,000 people who wanted to leave Kampala because it was too crowded. They had to think of all the facilities they would use and how they would best set up the island to...

11 Mar

Our Week

We have had a short but action packed week in Year 6 last week. On Tuesday, a terrific day was had by all at our Y5&6 School Service Day. The children learnt a host of new skills while pitching in and contributing their talents in painting, sewing, gardening and design to various projects around the school. They worked co-operatively and respectfully and felt a tangible sense of satisfaction and pride in the results they achieved. Last Friday saw the culmination of...