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18 Feb

Phonic Fun ‘S’

We have been practicing our phonics, using the sound ‘S’. We read a phonic story, found sounds with S, listened to a song, made it with play dough and then we wrote down the letter too! ...

11 Feb

Juice Bar

In PSHE we have been learning about how to keep our bodies healthy and how to be nutritious! We set up a juice bar so that Sunflowers could taste new fruits and Vegetables whilst having fun! new frie ...

30 Jan

Thunks Club

If your happy to have cake but sad when it’s all gone does that mean the more you eat the sadder you get? Is east the opposite of west in the same way that the north is the opposite of the south? If you remove the stripes of a zebra what colour would it be?Can you prove that all zebras have stripes? If I take a photo of you taking a photo of me, do I have a photo of you taking a...

28 Jan


Shapes, shapes everywhere. We have had lots of fun learning with and through shapes in Sunflowers, it has been so much fun and we have learnt lots too. From 2D shapes ( including quadrilaterals, hexagons and rhombus) and 3D shapes, we are getting rather good at describing shapes and the properties of shapes.   ...

10 Jan

First week back!

We have had a great week back in school! We have loved sharing stories about the holiday and have loved being back together again. Look at all the learning going on!     ...