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24 Feb

I’m Alive!

I’m Alive! This has been the topic in year two for the last month. We have learnt to classify animals into vertabrates and invertabrates, followed by the different types of vertabrates. The children are now understanding what makes something being alive, what things have never been alive and what was once alive but is not alive anymore. Adaptation is another word we have added to our vocabulary. How have animals and plants adapted to fit into their environment. Life...

13 Dec

Happy Holidays

What a nice finish to our Celebration topic. Sinter Klaas, Christmas, St Lucia and Advent. Thank you to all parents that have helped us with our celebrations this term. Happy Holidays, safe travels! From the Year 2 team ...

31 Oct

Let’s Celebrate

This week year two has continued to learn about different celebrations. It is Halloween! We had a nice presentation from Mr and Mrs Powers, who shared how they celebrate Halloween.We got to try sweets imported from America and we enjoyed many different activities. ...

13 Sep

Year 2 Criod city

Today all the students in Year Two built a city out of their houses. There was a lot of cooperation, adaptability, inquiry and resilience involved. The students tried, thought, re-tried, made roads etc. When they were happy with the city, we moved it to a science experiment site in the art garden. The buildings will stay there over the weekend and on Monday we shall see which building was waterproof and had good strong foundations. ...