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26 Feb

Footprints from the past

In art lessons in Year 3 students learned how to make a dinosaur using only cardboard and paint. They had to join the different parts of the dinosaur in such a way that it could stand. Students also looked at skin patterns of dinosaurs and created their own as a result.   ...

12 Dec

Let’s celebrate

  IPC unit: Let’s celebrate                                                                  In this unit students had the following task: People who take part in celebrations are usually happy! Smile and look at your face in a mirror. Look at other people’s faces when they smile. On your own, research and decide...

25 Nov


In their IPC unit ADD 900 children have studied and created their own Islamic art. They looked at examples of Islamic calligraphy, architecture, geometry and floral design. We were happy to welcome two parents to talk about their faith.   ...

25 Nov

Creatures which have not been discovered

In year 6 students created paintings of new types of creatures which have not been discovered yet. Scientists identify new kinds of animals and plants all the time. The art pieces will be part of an art show in 2020 sponsored by Peacock Painters at Nomo gallery. Other international and local schools will be part of this too. An event to look forward to!   ...

26 Mar

Jackson Pollock guitars

Students learned about the work of Jackson Pollock and how he created his splash paintings. Then they used their splash paintings to design a guitar. ...