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04 Oct

The Generation Game Exit Point

In year 3 we dressed up as old people to celebrate our learning in IPC. The oldies had a little parade around school and then they designed easy workouts to keep their bodies fit at an advanced age. The whole class joined in for the workouts and the results were hilarious! ...

23 Sep

Egg Babies!

Last week the Year 3 children became moms and dads. After designing a safe and durable house in Design & Technology, everyone received an egg to look after for at least three days. Some babies were very resilient and still came to school after the weekend at home. Well done to all new parents and grandparents who helped at home! ...

06 Sep

We are artists!

We became artists in Year 3 this week. After talking about old and young people and after gaining some inspiration from Rembrandt, Lautrec, Vermeer and other great artists from history, we created our own self portraits. We drew and painted half of the face as we are now and half of the face as we believe we will look when we are old ...

23 Aug

Keep Your Brain Healthy!

We have had an exciting first week in Year 3! We looked into how our brains work and we discussed and researched the importance of healthy diet, exercise, water and sleep. Come talk to us if you would like to find out how to keep your brain fresh and alert! ...

31 May

Maps And Islands

This week we immersed ourselves in geography in year one. We studied different trade routes pirates traveled in the past, we looked at climate and weather around the world and we designed and mapped our own islands, making a key for its geographical features. ...

24 May

This week year one children enjoyed revising their knowledge of measurements. We looked at non-standard as well as standard ways of measuring distance, height, weight and capacity. We understand that there are different units that we use for measuring, like centimeters, m eters, liters or grams and kilograms. ...

17 May

Pirate adventures

This week Year 1 went on a class trip to Entebbe Sailing Club. We found a mysterious bottle on the beach, with a hidden message inside. The message gave us some hints and clues about what we had to do to show our pirate skills. We then split up into four groups and we did four very exciting activities. We learned how to tie knots, we built a pirate catapult, we took part in a swimming race and last but...

03 May

Treasure Island Entry Point

Year 1 has had an exciting Entry Point to our new IPC unit ‘Treasure Island’.  Together with Year 2 we split up into four groups and we did four different pirate activities. We had to decode a coded pirate message, design a pirate flag, construct a pirate ship and finally participate in a race for treasure. It was a fun way to enter our last unit this academic year!

12 Apr

Making an electric circuit!

Electricity might seem to be quite a vague concept, but after today our year one children definitely gained a better understanding of how it works. We studied how electric circuits work, we made a list of the equipment we needed and after a few attempts we managed to turn on a light bulb, spin a propeller and turn on a very loud alarm. Did we have fun? The pictures speak for themselves! ...

29 Mar

It’s Shocking!

This week Year 1 did a very exciting Entry Point to our new unit ‘It’s Shocking’! We had an expert come to school who showed us how solar power is generated. We now know that solar panel batteries can be charged even if the panels are covered or if the sun is hiding behind the clouds! Mr. Joseph also talked us through what electricity is and how it works. We are very excited to see...