Today we visited Moonbean Chocolate and took part in a ‘bean to bar’ chocolate-making workshop. We learnt a lot and even made our own chocolates to take home.
Here are 4 Sipi’s comments about the experience:
I really enjoyed the tasting part of the chocolate and when we made the Mayan chocolate drink (although it was really bitter). My favourite part was when we looked at the beans. Leo
I learned that when you temper the chocolate it changes temperatures according to what you want to do. I realised that you have many different flavours. Siyanna

I really enjoyed tasting the chocolate and writing how it tasted. My favourite part was making the chocolate and putting the toppings. Lois
I really enjoyed tasting the pulp and cracking the shell. My favourite part was molding my chocolate. Cordell 
I really enjoyed tasting fresh pulp from the cocoa bean and teaching us the different thing in the words, cocoa and cacao.
My favourite thing was to make hot chocolate in the Mayans and Aztecs. Nora
I really enjoyed making a drink that Mayans used to drink and all the other stages. My favorite part was tempering and moulding the chocolate. Julia
I really enjoyed seeing how you temper and eating very yummy chocolate. My favourite part was making chocolate and decorating the yummy chocolate. Giovanni
My favorite part was we got to mold  the chocolate  into the small little cup and got to put our toppings. I also really liked how you know how to make aztec’s chocolate drink  but the flavour of the nibs were to strong. Ahmed
I really enjoyed when we sucked beans and taste the difference  chocolate types. 🍫
My favorite part was to drink the drink from the Aztecs. Phillipp
Since you are direct trade I will encourage my friends and family to buy your chocolate. Eli