In Year 4 this term we are focussing on different types of poetry in our English unit. The children are enjoying learning about different genres and poetic devices, and they are showing fantastic creativity in their writing. Here are some examples:

Title: The Pandemic

(A free verse poem by Nora)

The Pandemic is so horrible

It kills one thousand people a day

The streets are no longer filled with children’s laughter 

As it is as silent as a graveyard


The Pandemic is so bad 

But somehow life continues

Learning goes on and so is having some fun 

Keep washing hands and stay safe


The Pandemic patients go through much pain

And that why I wish them quick recovery

The doctors are as busy as bees

Let us all appreciate their hard work.


Limerick by Cordell

Dogs are much better than cats,

They like to sleep on nice mats

My dog is called Chloe 

Her friend is called Zoie

If pets eat too much they will get fat!



Cinquain poem by Julia

The boat

Sails on the sea

It has so many fish

She goes bravely through the waves

The end




(A free verse poem by Karim)


Football, oh football!

It’s outstanding and it’s exciting.

I never lose fun,

I feel happy when I score goals.

I go for matches with my team –

green and yellow shorts and jerseys

for Ambrosoli.

Metal studs on my boots,

they stop me from slipping when rain.

The first match makes me nervous,

and excited at the same time.

The same as the second match!

At the third match

I feel confident.

My friends are on the team – 

when they score, I feel jealous…

because I also feel like scoring! 

Football is just my sport!


A Kennings poem by Ahmed





Magnet-on top


Can you guess what it is about?


A diamante poem by Gio



Running sprinting

Sporty active entertaining

It is a fun sport.The referees like fit people.

Angry happy intimidating 

Funny boring 



Robot (a free verse poem by Aarsan)


A black and white robot moving around

He hits everything in its way

Walking as programed on a device

Arasan2 is your name because you look like me

You have a round face

And a oval body

And metallic legs 

You have a strong electric charge

When I use my voice command you go and tell people things

He is amazing and so nice 



Cinquain poem by Idan

Title: Football 

Play on the field

I run after the ball

I run to score

A Goal !


A diamante poem by Eva


Words, pictures

Jumps, runs, saves the day

Bad guys and good, for kids

Pictures, words, rimes

Colorful, exciting

Picture books.


Cinquain Poem by Phillipp


Green, black

Sometimes ringing loud

Good for hearing music

I can chat with my friends

It get`s out of battery

I can make photos

Rectangle shape

It`s light


A free verse poem by Yi Chen

The Ocean

The ocean full

of tropical fish,

The ocean surrounded

by sand.


There is thousands of fish

Living inside the ocean,

But be careful of 



Dolphins, sharks and whales

Are not fish but mammals living in the ocean,

There are mythical sea monsters like

The Kraken, hydra and cthulhu,

You better be careful in the sea


A cinquain poem by Aarush

Beach Balls

Bouncy, Floating

Play with them in the pool

Such great summer fun for children



A Kennings poem by Leroy

Guess the poem’s theme:









Winter (a diamante poem by Eli)


Skiing,snowball fighting,sleedding

sun tanning,Icicles,snowflakes,vacation,family





My Magic Amulet (A free verse poem by Siyanna)


To make my amulet magical I will need a potion to do it. I will add…………..


The magic wind of a fire tornado,

the scale of a mermaid,

a golden coin from the end of the rainbow and

the keys of love,fire,water,earth and air.As well as a

teal pearl princess gown that shines bright in the night as well as the swirl ‘n’ twirl from it.We will need the tiara from princess Sofia and a teal strawberry from the enchanted bush of wonders,don’t forget the slime made out of terror toothpaste and the cup of water from sprinkler stream.Then we will add the power of lightning,telekinesis and the power from the most powerful superhero,uniscepter we add her beam of sparkle from her horn.And lastly we add the slime of the super,slithery spakaly super silver snake.


…………..we mix it all up and add it to our amulet and ta da now it is an amazing amulet which is magical too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



(A free verse poem by Leo)


Up go the fans hands,

 football is here.

Manchester united verses Arsenal

It is a tight match and Arsenal have the ball.

Arsenal shoot aiming for the goal, screaming “Not another hit!”.


Unfortunately Manchester tackled the ball,

Now it’s Manchester’s ball.

As they sprint towards the goal like a cheetah chasing its prey,

Arsenal having turned into a raging bull took a wrong move and caused a foul.


It’s a penalty and all the fans are holding their breath.

Manchester take the shot past the goalkeeper and

It’s a goalllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a big applause and the players celebrate.


The clock

(A free verse poem by Lois)


every morning my clock goes

tik tok tik tok

it is sometimes annoying

and it also sometimes helps me to think

and I sometimes wonder

why do clocks go tik tok

and why not tok tik

I don’t really mind

I also wonder

why if a clock has three hands

it it only goes tik tok

and not for example

tik tok tak tik tok tak

A diamante poem by Lennon


Small, opaque

Changing, moving, revolving

Satellites, asteroids, planets, stars

Orbiting, rotating, turning

Bright, spherical




A Free Verse Poem by Alia


In the morning I eat delicious cereal.

It has tiny marshmallows in it.

It is my favorite cereal.

Me and my brother eat it almost every morning.

My brother really likes it as well.


 Sometimes we eat it in the middle of the day!

I  prefer cold milk in my cereal .

My brother prefers very hot milk.

My dad likes hot milk like my brother.

My mom doesn’t really eat cereal.