Poets in Kampala

For the end of term, we did a final poetry task in Year 4. We used our knowledge of different rhyming schemes, and genres of poetry, and wrote about a theme of our choice. Here are some creative poems from 4 Sipi: Burgers by Ahmed Put the pickle,meat,cheese What’s that? Burger!  Burgers so yum yum yum Make it go do your tum tum tum   Burger is so good you will never forget it


Access to Water

The children in Year One have been learning about ‘Water’ in our current I.P.C unit. This week they looked at how different people around the world access water. They especially focused on their home/host country Uganda. They had to design and make a water well for a community in Uganda.   ...


The man in the water

  This week, to conclude our water theme, the Reception children were sent this picture and asked to say what they see in the picture, what they think about it and what also what they wonder. This is a visible thinking routine we have used this year in Reception – we show the children a picture, then see how they respond. It is always interesting seeing how they all have different ideas! Here are their thoughts about this picture: I See I see...


Budding Poets in Year 5

In Year 5 we have been working on a unit of Poetry over the past couple of weeks. The children have read a wide range of poems, shared opinions, identified key features and performed their favourites. This week they have been writing their own poems on the theme of ‘Water’ to link to our IPC unit. Please enjoy some of their poems below. Water water everywhere Water water everywhere                       ...