Entry point to Growing Up

For the entry point to our unit on Growing Up we told the children that they are going to enter the Ambrosoli Medical Centre Student Doctor Training Programme and in order to successfully enter the programme children would have to take an entry test to discover more about their co-operation, communication and adaptability. We would then be able to see if they could enter onto the course. The whole idea behind this was to put the children into the role...


Generation Game Exit Point

In Year 3 we have been concluding our IPC unit The Generation Game thinking about healthy living. As our exit point, the children completed a sponsored exercise circuit followed by a fruity feast. The children raised, just shy of 1million shillings, for our host country charity CORSU. Well done everyone!   Like this:Like Loading...


Science Fiction Story Writing in 6 Murchison

Recently in 6 Murchison we have been writing science fiction stories as part of our fiction unit on story writing. After finding the common features of science fiction stories we closely analysed a short science fiction story looking at the language used and wrote our own closely aligned version of this story. We then looked in detail at the story Examination Day by Henry Slesar looking at how he created atmosphere, character, setting and led to the reader to believe...


Outdoor sports activities

On Saturday, October 20th, our Service Club enjoyed a fulfilled day of outdoor sports activities with several of CoRSU’s recovering patients. The children engaged in sitting volleyball, Duck Duck Goose, badminton, and dancing, on the CoRSU playground. The most memorable moments for our Ambrosoli kids were the smiles they put on the faces of the children of CORSU. They told me that was their goal… to make it fun and memorable for all! Mission accomplished! Like this:Like Loading...

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