Brass for Africa

Brass For Africa

We are pleased to announce that Ambrosoli will be partnering with Brass for Africa for our community link for the 2019-2020 school year.

Brass for Africa delivers music education and life-skills training to disadvantaged children in Uganda. Offering the opportunity to young people to learn and play music has a vast range of positive impacts. These include building self-esteem, developing a sense of community and sense of achievement, while also being good fun. In addition, participation in Brass for Africa programs helps to equip children with transferable skills including perseverance, communication and self-confidence, much like our Personal Learning Goals here at Ambrosoli.
Throughout this school year, there will be a range of opportunities for the Ambrosoli community to take part in activities in partnership with Brass for Africa. In early November, Brass for Africa will be coming to launch our partnership with a special performance in assembly. Following that, a music workshop is being planned for Ambrosoli students to share in music activities with students from Brass for Africa. It is planned that Ambrosoli students who are learning instruments with Kampala Music School lessons will have the opportunity to prepare for joint performances, with children from  different backgrounds collaborating to achieve a common goal. Over the course of the school year the students at Ambrosoli will take part in sponsored class-based activities and whole-school initiative to raise funds for Brass for Africa.

Partnership with Brass for Africa will help to promote greater awareness, understanding, compassion and respect for others within our Kampala community. As well as this, it will provide opportunities for children from different backgrounds to bond and form friendships, helping them to become internationally minded global citizens. Furthermore, links with Brass for Africa will help to raise the profile of music within our school and develop a shared love of music within the wider community.