On 9th of April we started a unit in IPC called “Extreme Survivors”.

The thing we will be talked about is cacti. Cacti are plants that can survive in the hot desert. I will explain what we learnt about how cacti survive in this weather. Cacti have extremely long roots. These are made so the cacti can get water from underneath the ground. Another technique they have is that they have spines. These spines used to be leaves but water could escape through the leaves which means the cacti do not have so much water. As time went on the cacti evolved and their leaves turned into spines, though some cacti still have leaves. Cacti spines also keep other animals away. Cacti absorb energy from the sun. What awesome plants! Tr.Sara and Tr.Ben found some cacti so me and my class could observe them and after that draw them.We had learnt so much about cacti so we drew them. That was fun!