Brass for Africa

12 Dec

Brass for Africa Gift Delivery

Yesterday the children from the Community Partnership Club went to Brass for Africa’s centre in Nsambya to deliver Christmas gifts. We now know how Santa must feel when he is carrying sack loads full of gifts! A huge number of Christmas presents have been kindly donated by Ambrosoli families to help spread the festive cheer. The children presented the gifts and made short speeches to the children at Brass for Africa. We exchanged Christmas greetings and  really enjoyed hearing a...

09 Dec

Christmas Fair Performance

Children from Brass for Africa and some children in Years 4-6 put on a stunning performance of Jingle Bells at the PTA Christmas Fair on Friday. During the final rehearsals, the children perfected their instrument playing and honed their performance skills. The children have done a great job of learning a song on instruments that are mainly new to them in an extremely short space of time. They all showed genuine adaptability, resilience and cooperation skills throughout the whole process....

27 Nov

Performance Rehearsals with Brass for Africa

In school a group of keen, musically-minded students have been rehearsing for a performance of ‘Jingle Bells’ at the PTA Christmas Fair on December 6th. On Saturday, this group of children from Ambrosoli visited the Brass for Africa centre in Nsambya. We visited the Brass for Africa centre to do a joint rehearsal with the children there who have also been practising the same song. We had fun working together, playing a huge range of instruments, to create an instrumental rendition...