Parent partnership

20 Jun


Parents’ ideas Read/share books about transition with your children’s Take pics and/or make a video on the way to school If they are old enough give them a camera so that they can do it themselves Show them and share pics and other details about the new place you are moving Keep in touch with friends via WhatsApp and/or Skype and emails Talking about transition/moving honestly and when possible well in advance ( when is not possible try to “stretch” the process as much as possible Be...

03 May

After School Clubs and Squads at Ambrosoli – Presentation to Parents (27th Feb)

Thank you to all parents who made to the after school clubs and squads presentation. This presentation was organised to inform the parents on the procedure that school uses to select, organise and run our clubs and squads. This was also an opportunity for parents to share any concerns that they have about clubs and squads with the school co-curricular coordinator (Tr. Ronnie). Below is a summary of the presentation. Please continue to use the ECCO platform to communicate...