Year 5

31 Aug

The start of the year!

     During our first few weeks in Year 5, Karuma and Elgon have been learning magic tricks and origami to help us understand how we learn and can teach others. This was the entry point of the IPC unit ‘Brainwaves’. We have also been getting messy in Design and Technology making our own recycled table pots and paper mache brains. Who says learning isn’t fun!! ...

31 May

Website Developers

In computing, year 5s have been programming their own IPC websites. Please click on the links below to view their website topics. Year 5 Elgon Websites Jara Ipc topics Gitika chimpanzees Pragna Earth Angel Planets Jules chocolate Chiara Chimps Esther Ipc topics Sky Chocolate ethan chocolate Ariana Chimps Amaani Chocolate Lele chocolate   Year 5 Karuma Websites Name Website link What my Website is about Amanda Krill Hope Sand Cats Eli Black Panther-Info and all the different things about it like habitat, behavior and much more Coco

20 Apr

Cactus – the amazing plant

On 9th of April we started a unit in IPC called “Extreme Survivors”. The thing we will be talked about is cacti. Cacti are plants that can survive in the hot desert. I will explain what we learnt about how cacti survive in this weather. Cacti have extremely long roots. These are made so the cacti can get water from underneath the ground. Another technique they have is that they have spines. These spines used to be leaves but water could...

23 Mar

Yr 5 bridge making

This week year 5 have been learning about bridges. Firstly the students researched about bridges using the internet. They found out about the different types of bridges and later they produced an information poster detailing what they had discovered. We then made examples of different types of bridges, these included am arch bridge, a suspension bridge and a cable-stay bridge. We then thought about what makes bridges strong and the children were given the challenge to make a bridge using...

09 Mar

Ancient Egyptian Shadoof

This week we learned about Ancient Egypt and the importance of the Nile. Egyptians used the Nile for many different purposes such as transport and irrigation or for growing papyrus – a material they made shoes, houses and boats from. We also learned about their constructions called shadoofs which were used for scooping up water from the Nile and we built our own shadoofs in class. Have a look for yourself! ...

11 Dec


On November 20th 2017 me and my class were learning a new IPC topic on bones. It was an incredible experience for all of us, did you know that we all have over 200 bones in our body? Yes over 200 and over 100 muscles! Then we got to become doctors my partner was Timothy and I learnt that my arm can only move 90 degrees.                              ...