Extending the curriculum at Ambrosoli

At Ambrosoli we challenge and encourage each child to achieve. It is important, therefore, to ensure that a wide range of experiences are open to them. Alongside the balanced curriculum in class, we offer many other opportunities for children to experience new activities and develop their personal skills and talents.

Kampala Music School

Children can learn to play an array of instruments at Ambrosoli, getting lessons once a week from a tutor from the  Kampala Music School. Usually children opt to learn guitar, violin, piano and  drums, but if there is a teacher available, you may be able to learn to play the clarinet, flute or trumpet, too. Children can make use of the practice rooms to perfect their talents and many opportunities are given to then to showcase these skills.

These lessons are an additional cost and the music teacher will schedule them in the timetable. Instruments can be hired from Kampala Music School if you wish


Drama teachers can give lessons, at an additional cost, to children once a week.  These teachers run the programmes from the London Academy of Music and Dramatical Arts (LAMDA) which are recognised the world over and can really help a child to grow in confidence. Some children opt to take the exams, but this is not compulsory.

After school clubs

After school clubs are partially designed by the school council. They run from Monday to Thursday for eleven weeks  and typically include sports, arts and crafts, and activities that support the curriculum such as in the science club.


All Ambrosoli children are encouraged to play in sports and athletics and some children may be selected to represent the school in swimming, athletics, basketball and football. Those children selected will be expected to show commitment by attending weekly training sessions with their squad. There are regular fixtures with other schools in Kampala


We love to receive visitors at school and to learn from parents or anyone else from the community who come in and talk to the children, sharing their skills and expertise. Doctors, dentists, craftspeople, environmentalists, artists, musicians and actors. Parent, grandparents and guests share their life stories and special experiences. We may reach out and contact you, but please do not hesitate to come forward and have your name added to the Liz’s data base in the school office.

Educational Trips

The children love the educational trips they go on, and it is with great excitement they board the bus, with packed lunches safely stowed, in anticipation of a day out at an art gallery round the corner, or to Ngamba Island, the chimp sanctuary in Lake Victoria. The trips are varied and carefully planned by the teachers to support the learning that takes place in class and full risk assessments are carried out. It can be time consuming and exhausting, but everyone agrees it is well worth the effort as so much learning takes place outside the classroom and those “Eureka” moments are a joy for all.

“ Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”