Every Wednesday we spend one hour after school thinking about ideas to continue to support ‘Brass For Africa’ in our community link club. For example, we think of fundraising ideas to help Brass for Africa continue their music lessons for underprivileged children and buy more equipment. We also helped to organise all your presents that you donated to Brass for Africa and we delivered them in December. Another important event was the Christmas Fair, when Ambrosoli children performed with Brass for Africa children and many people came to watch.

In our club, we also brainstorm fun events we can do at school or individually to help the children learning with ‘Brass for Africa’ teachers to have more opportunities. Book week is coming up soon and we are hoping to plan ideas to cooperate with them with fun activities related to reading. We think our partnership with ‘Brass for Africa’ is very important and we enjoy working together as our own team to help them as much as possible.

By Zachary, Amalia, Gabriel, Lelo, Cordell, Arasan, Aarush