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We are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with CoRSU for our community link for the 2018- 2019 school year. CoRSU is a specialized hospital registered as an NGO to offer medical services to offer persons with a disability. It is a Ugandan initiative, with the main aim of expanding and improving the comprehensive rehabilitation services for children with disability coming from poor communities.

CoRSU operates through a wide range of specialized services, which are both hospital and community based, such as: orthopedic surgery, plastic reconstructive surgery, medical rehabilitations services, nutrition therapy, orthopedic workshop for the production of assistive devices (artificial limbs, orthotics, etc.), dental services for cleft lip and palate patients, Vesico (women), identification screening and referral of cases, disability awareness activities, and home based interventions.

There are unlimited opportunities for our Ambrosoli students, staff, and family to be a part of, that will be both hands on with the patients through a wide range of activities (art, sports, November Sports Day event, tutoring, mentoring, guided reading, food prep, etc.), as well as providing sponsorship for treatment and surgical services for children in need. In term 1, we have 17 students, 3 teachers, and a few partents, who travel on the weekends to do various activities with the recovering patients at CoRSU, a few times per month.

This newly formed partnership with CoRSU will help to promote inclusion, as well as educate our students about persons with disabilities, to help break the cycle of discrimination that children with disabilities face. It will help to provide CoRSU’s patients opportunities to bond and form friendships with our Ambrosoli students in a variety of ways. Finally, through sponsorship of medical services, we can provide opportunities for children with disabilities a fair chance in life.

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CoRSU Christmas Party Fun

Several Ambrosoli students, parents, and staff joined our service club, as we celebrated Christmas with the patients of CoRSU.  We collected hundreds of gifts and holiday treats from our school drives, to please every single patient in the hospital!  What a joyful day it was, as everyone celebrated Christmas together!   Mr. and Mrs. Claus, along with their little elves and reindeer, have arrived to bring some holiday cheer to the patients at CoRSU!!! Rudolph is in the building!!! Ambrosoli’s Service Club volunteers and...


Sports Day

Ambrosoli Service Club students, along with a few parents and teachers, enjoyed CoRSU’s annual Sports Day.  This is a very special day not only for CoRSU’s child patients, but also for other children with disabilities throughout Kampala and Entebbe.  It is a day where these children get to shine, as they participate in a variety of fun activities, such as wheel chair and crutch races, sit down volleyball, group parachute, hot potato, etc.. CoRSU has placed its focus on inclusion...


Generation Game Exit Point

In Year 3 we have been concluding our IPC unit The Generation Game thinking about healthy living. As our exit point, the children completed a sponsored exercise circuit followed by a fruity feast. The children raised, just shy of 1million shillings, for our host country charity CORSU. Well done everyone!   ...